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  1. Fantastic low-price practice amp. Can give you a lot of all round sounds and the distortion is quite good!!! I would not gig with it or use it at really high volumes. But for home practice it sounds {censored}ing great and has MORE then enough power!. Both clean as distorted. For my other gear (mostly Mesa/Boogie 19" stuff) check out www.vanhelden.demon.nl/gear
  2. It looks nice and is (propably) well built. But is not the best there is out there. I would NEVER buy one, I rather stick with the Boogie poweramps.!! MvH www.vanhelden.demon.nl/gear
  3. I gave it an 8, because of the full controll over the parameters, the true sound when using it as just an fx machine, good sounding fx's. Down sides are the tube section and it tends to get {censored}ed up once in while. But still one of the best sounding fx machines. Just don't use it as a preamp. They should have sold it as a fx machine, not a combination with a preamp. MvH www.vanhelden.demon.nl/gear
  4. It looks very nice, because you can put your own logo in it which lights up, when you turn on the front light. Quality seems to be very good and they are much cheaper than the standard Furman power providers. So if you want to clean up your rack, buy one! It also saves your gear from power spikes! Check out my website at: www.vanhelden.demon.nl/gear
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