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  1. i have been playing for five years and i wanted to get a serious bass that i could enjoy playing and feel comfortable keeping in climates with weather and high pressure changes (Canada). if it were stolen i would have to buy another modulus. they have me hooked! i would compare this bass to the mastery of a custom company like fodera. this bass is everything i could ask for before dishing out 5 grand. Get this bass! it is an instrument to experience!
  2. i play mostly funk fusion, lots of phish, improvisational jazz and this thing never stops amazing me! the price was steep, but when you demand the best, you pay for it! if this thing were stolen i would cry, and then go buy another! i ahve been playing bass intensively for five years and it compliments my Modulus perfectly. bottom line: if you ever have the money in your hands, hand it over to Lovetone and prepare to be amazed!
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