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  1. mikeyen

    THD Univalve

    Amp is in excellent condition - clean, and works perfectly. Great sounding, and lots of fun to play. $525 shipped to continental US. Selling to thin the herd, so no trades. Thanks. Mike
  2. Ha, looks like I'm the buyer. If I saw this posting earlier, would've pm'd you and save you eBay fee. Doh! Mike
  3. Downsizing, as I haven't played music much at all for over a year now. Everything is in perfect working order, and are in great condition. Prices are firm and exclude shipping (cont. U.S. only for now). Main rig Axe FX Ultra ($1,350) Furman M8LX conditioner ($40) ART SLA-2 power amp ($150) Liquid Foot Jr ($350. custom 7pin->5pin phantom power MIDI cable, power supply, padded carrying pouch) Racks Gator 3U rack bag ($50) SKB Roto 2U rack ($70) Miscellaneous items: Line 6 Relay G30 ($200) Tech 21 Bass Driver DI ($125) LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI ($100) PreSonus AudioBox USB Interface ($90) Pictures to come shortly. Let me know if there are any questions. Mike
  4. I've been gigging on and off for almost 15 years, and while I don't consider myself a professional, I am very serious about my music and my gear. I've researched and played through at quite a few amps before settling on the F-30 as my main gigging amp, in big part due to the solid tone that it produces, and the built quality, versatility, and light weight helped sealed the deal.
  5. Some of the places we play are very small and/or irregularly shaped. I can rarely get more than about 7 feet from my amp. Heh, that reminds me of that one time where there were seven (yes, SEVEN) bands that showed up for the show, and everyone insisted on bringing their own gear. Even with everyone setting up and moving their crap between sets, I still ended up with a 2x3 square to "move around". Mike
  6. 20' works for me. I sometimes feel like I was stretching it on larger stages, but it's never a real problem. The problem is usually finding a closeby power-outlet/strip... Mike
  7. Originally Posted by Joeytpg dude, 95% of the problems in amps are tube related. I'm pretty sure you have some bad tubes...... I'd re-tube the whole amp Ditto. Had my F-30 serviced shortly after I got it used, and turns out the tubes were bad. The difference is night and day. Mike
  8. I'm sad every link is broken... Bump? I actually still have all the clips on my hard drive - just don't have the domain anymore. If anyone's interested in hosting, just shoot me a PM... Mike
  9. Originally Posted by mudbuddy11 hmmm, I should have my tremelo in the loop? I usually do - distortion usually compresses your sound a bit, so having the tremolo in front will sound very different than in the loop with distortion. Though, again, if you happen to like the sound of tremolo in front, go for it! Mike
  10. Originally Posted by lovED i haven't used my effects loop yet. enlighten me. I plan on getting a subdecay stupid box soon. would that sound good straight or through the loop. I don't even know how it works. I don't have a manual for my amp. Help. lovED The loop would be good for any effects that you want AFTER distortion. You would run the FX send of the loop to the input of any effects you want in the loop, and send the output back to the FX Return. The order of the effects and placement are really up to you - feel free to experiment. However, generally speaking, chorus, delay, volume, tremolo, and pitch-shift sounds better in the loop than before. YMMV. Mike
  11. Originally Posted by hal9000 1) You need a dummy cable into the FX Send jack to disconnect the preamp. You do? I've been running straight into the FX Return from the GT-8, and it's worked fine. I'll have to see what a dummy cable in the FX Send does when I get home tonight... Mike
  12. Originally Posted by Joeytpg hey mikeyen, thanks for the reply..... I don't have a Cab. My F-50 is a Combo. Can i still run the XTL through the F-50 as a cab? (using only the Combo speaker? Yep - a combo is nothing more than a cab with the amp attached to it, as opposed to separately like a head. Mike
  13. Originally Posted by Dann'sTheMan Welcome to the brotherhood, Mike! Tell us more about the music you play. Big smiles, Andy. Oh hey man, just saw this. I play mostly classic and hard rock on my own time. Don't play out as much as I used to, and only at church when I do. F-30 works out well - covers all my bases, and is super easy to lug around. I do have a Beam Blocker and a MiniMASS that I use with the F-30, as I did with my previous amps. I don't crank the F-30 super hard or anything, but just to the point of ever so slight compression in the poweramp section - the clean notes are still clean, but "fatter" sounding. As mentioned in the last post, I actually have the GT-8 straight into the poweramp for the most part, and I managed to get it to sound almost identical to the F-30 by itself, except I have four channels setup instead of two, and fewer cables to run (no foots witch either). It's a cool amp, and this thread definitely helped when I was still researching it. You guys rock! Mike
  14. Originally Posted by Joeytpg Ok guys, I need some tips on getting the F-50 to work with a POD XT LIVE I'll be buying in the next few day. I wanna do several stuff, and I need a few tips on HOW TO achieve it. 1- How to use the POD XT LIVE amps with the f-50 running only as a "cab". What I want is to be able to run the amps without the F-50 preamp. Can this be done? or do I need to run it through the Clean Channel? 2- How to use the POD effects with my F-50? 3- How to make my 2 channel F-50 into a 3 channel ??? thanks a lot buddies. Just plug the XT's main out into the F-50's FX Return, and make sure you disable any mic and cab simulation in your patches, since you already have a cab, and are presumably going to mic the cab as well. You'll also need to re-adjust your settings a bit, since the poweramp is going to color the sound slightly. I haven't tried the XT with the F-30 personally, but I've used my GT-8 with the F-30 with VERY good results. I can get my GT-8 + F-30 setup to sound practically indistinguishable to the F-30 alone, with the added benefit of multiple presets, and far fewer cables in between the floorboard and the F-30. Mike
  15. Just joined the club - got a F-30 that I'm really diggin. Just the right size and weight too. Re: Bob's comment - I actually like the fact that it's mid-heavy (not as much low-mid than a Marshall, but more so than your average Boogie). Part of it might be personal preference, but part of it is that mids are usually what ends up cutting through the mix at a live gig. Most live tones that worked well for me would seem too "middy" by themselves, but sounds great in the mix. But then again, much of that also depends on the type of music you play and what other instruments are around, so YMMV. Mike
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