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  1. a play guitar and synth, melancholy dancey atmospheric rock. This pedal fits in perfectly and is very simple to deal with. also i got a great deal on it and did the mod with minimal instruction obtained from the internet. phaser sounds can be cheesey, but i think this one has managed to avoid that territory.
  2. Yeah, there's a real love/hate thing with this amp. Seems like its mostly love, though. One of the most useful pieces of musical equipment I've ever bought. Ok I'll stop before I start weeping.
  3. still the best, now ever better!
  4. I've played for 15 years or so. I have used many guitar amps over the years, really, there aren't many brands I haven't tried at one point or another. In its price range, this thing is very hard to beat. It can hold its own. Its quite basic, but has a lot of features. It looks really cool, attractive piece of equipment. My other head is a Sunn Concert Lead, which has pretty much unbeatable clean sound. But this was almost as good. I haven't tried out the flangers and delay too much yet because I already have a really high quality delay and flanger pedal. The chorus' as I said earlier were real nice sounding though! A great deal overall I gotta say. It is quite large and heavy, but that makes it hard to break and screw up too.
  5. Been playing for quite a while now, 16 years or so. I have 2 other EarCandy cabls by now, one 2x12 Buzzbomb, which is a great, great cab. I can't quite compare this thing to the Buzzbomb, as it is the top of the line cab that you can get, pretty much. But, it still sounds great. Its light and portable, looks really cool. The Black Powder speaker is very smooth and responsive. I'll give a 9 overall, even though I gave it 10s in the other categories simply because EarCandy also makes a ported, several inches deeper 1x12 cab which probably dloes sound better overall. Still I love this thing and will treasure it always.
  6. Overall I got just what I wanted with this baby. It looks awesome, sounds huge, is more portable than my other 2x12 cab, but still brings the noise. Weeee!
  7. I play rock. This pedal rules. It couldn't be any better.
  8. I've played for 16 years. I play in a rock band in NYC, and this is my main gigging amp. I lent it to another guitar player at my last show, and he raved about its sound up and down. And I don't blame him, I was out in the audience saying "damn! my amp sounds f-in' great!" I've pretty much covered my views on the thing. I love its sound, its features, its tweakability. It has that flaw that a lot of cool & unusual amps have of being limited by short-sighted footswtich configuration, but that can be overcome with a bit of ingenuity. I A-B-C'd this amp along with my Sunn Concert Lead, and the new Epiphone Triggerman 100 Watt solid state DSP amp. I have such great cabs that they all sounded pretty much amazing. But I wanted to end up with 2 amps, one to have as a backup or 2nd amp for stereo setup. This one came out #1 in terms of pure sound. This company seems to be relatively unknown in the States, which is a shame, as they're making good guitar products. I think they should increase their presence here if possible. A lot of other amps are available here with abut 2/3 of the features that this one has. If something happened to it, I would probably try other heads, just cause there are so many out there and I haven't heard them all yet! But that doesn't mean that the FA60 doesn't rule, it does! It is a serious piece of equipment.
  9. Overall, I've said about as much as I can say. Tone purists, blues players, metal players, you probably have no use for this thing. Just get individual effects that do what you want, no one pedal can do it all, though this one attempts to. I don't even try to make use of every function on this thing, but over time it has impressed me, and I've been able to get a LOT of useful sounds out of it. It is a strange creature though, and surprises me at times. I don't like too much unpredictability in my gear, but a little bit here and there is a spice of life, you know? I've played for about 16 years, owned several expression pedals, and basically kept buying and selling them one after the other, until I got my DeArmond weeper wah. That I used faithfully for a while, but it died right before I was to play a gig. I'm still hoping to repair it, but I went searching again after that, and bought this as soon as I realized it existed. And even if I get the Weeper repaired, I'm keeping the EX-7, because it really is a cool and useful product. Imperfect, but very useful.
  10. Overall no complaints. I wanted to get a tuner, brand new, and this cost less than the boss, has an extra feature or two, and is smaller and easier to carry, taking up less room on the pedalboard as well. The MT-3 is great at what it does, tuning is very accurate, it spells 'hello' when you turn it on.
  11. Overall its great, boss really designed a nice, no frills overdrive here. I'm going to use it as a main od/distortion, and as a boost with my amp's distortion. Very capable of both of these tasks. Very smooth, even sound, no complaints!
  12. Overall a great disappointment. I thought for sure this would be my main gigging amp. Sounded great at low volume, but as I describe above, no amount of adjusting the distortion channel made it stand out enough to be useful live. After checking the amp after that gig, I put it up on eBay immediately, and went back to using my solid state Sunn concert lead, which never had any trouble being right up there in the mix live. Tubes AREN"T always better folks, hehe! Along the lines of this amp, I want to try out the Ashwdown Fallen Angel 60 head, as from what I've heard, it actually does what this carvin was meant to do.
  13. this pedal was used once before i got it on eBay. as I said, i'll use it for a few months, play a few shows, then do an in depth review. but, out of the box, it seems really promising to me as a noise making tool. i just really like to be able to make a wide variety of weird noises, but also wanted a decent wah to replace my beloved dearmond. i am completely satisfied thus far. i'm excited to get the extra footswitch so that i can at least attempt to switch modes live and see how it goes. i think this pedal is a great idea, if not flawlessly executed, its still really cool. price should come down a bit, to say $130 - 40 or so. But still I feel like I'm getting my $165 worth and more. Who knows, I may feel differently in a while. Will be back!
  14. I play various kinds of guitar based rock. I"m not a metal head, but I like being able to include metal-like parts into some songs. I like palm muting and the occasional crazy solo in what otherwise sounds like straightforward pop/rock, for example. I like stuff thats all over the place. I play lead in a band, and this is my effect for 'punching' up my level, and sailing above the mix live. This pedal is good for that, sounds pretty shrill at bedroom practice levels. But, if you open it up, and play it high volume, that's where you really hear those 4 JRC opamp chips! Do the mods if you want a beefed up tubescreamer, but this is a very cool pedal in its own right. Yeah, there's noise, welcome to the world of high gain! Metal zone? noise. DOD - noise out the ass! Boutique pedal may reduce noise some (some...) but then you're paying like $200. This is a fine high gain distortion pedal.
  15. Overall, this is a super deal. Really. Don't compare this thing to 100 tube heads or other high voltage gear. Its purpose is different. Its a recording / practice amp which is probably actually loud enough to be used in small gigs mic'd. It sounds fantastic. No frills, well built to my eyes and ears. Very cute as well. This thing is a gem, and its at such a great price! Can't go wrong with the Valve Jr., I wish I had bought it months ago!
  16. I've played for 16 years or so. I had a Carvin MTS 3212 which I thought would be my main amp. Then I tried it live. Oops! Distortion was sooo buried in the mix, totally inaudible, even thought the level and drive were way up. Went back to the Sunn and the BuzzBomb, and realized that they were a kickass pair of rare quality. I've had a few amps over the years, a small Peavey, Fender Champ, Fender Princeton Chorus, the Carvin as mentioned. Obviously none of them can match this for quality or sound. Other cabs that I've played with my head don't match up, don't come close. It looks totally unique, sounds like nothin else out there, and makes me happy every time I look at it. And, in my small NYC apt., it also makes a decent table. Sorry about that, but space dictates, until my band gets our own rehearsal room. There is nothing about this cab that I dislike, there is nothing to complain about. Other than that I scaped it on some cement and tore the tolex a tiny bit. But thats my own fault, and a little titebond glue remedied the situation no problem.
  17. follow up review, now that i've had the chance to a/b this head against another couple of amps in live situations - bottom line, this thing rules! i had a fancy tube combo which I thought would be my main gigging amp (carvin mts 212), and it is a great amp in its own right, but live...it just didn't cut it. either at 50 or 100 watts, the dirty channel just died out in the mix. couldn't hear it myself on stage, and listening to the recording, even though the gain and volume were way up, just...nothing. barely audible against the drums. the sunn concert lead, however, never a problem. this thing is up in the mix no matter what. i just played a show in a fairly large room, and the sound man wouldn't let me turn this thing up above 3 and a half! THAT is how LOUD it can get. and I wasn't even using the boost! OR the brite input! If you're playing by yourself in your bedroom, its trebly-ness may be bothersome...but that's what makes it a perfect live head for a lead guitarist especially. it takes a back seat to nothing, it demands to be heard!
  18. really, this thing is just absolutely superb. some people get noise unless its using its own power supply - I have no such problem. I use a visual sound 1-spot, and I'm powering 8 other pedals simultaneously - no noise. so many capabilities, so many uses, $180 might seem like a lot to spend on a single pedal, but from where I stand, this thing is a great value, and a great musical tool.
  19. Overall, this seems to be just the guitar I was looking for. I wanted something versitile, good looking, able to rock the f_#K out but also clean up at a moment's notice. This baby has a singing, thick sound. The neck PU bites fiercely, the bridge PU is chunky and thick. Together they sound dense, but notes stand out and resonate. With the VCC system tuned more towards the single-coil setting, things get a bit less thick. Very useful range of settings, this thing has several guitars all waiting to come out inside! The whole setup seems to have been carefully put together to maximzie the potential of this guitar, and the sound quality and feel of the guitar show that the craftsmanship is very high quality. Great job washburn!
  20. I don't mean to be too harsh on this guitar, it is only $90. But, corners have been seriously cut to bring you that price. Sometimes not spending $90 on a guitar just means you have an extra $90 to put towards a real one! With all the work I've put into this thing, by now about $250 total including original price, its OK. I'll have to see if I can find a wrench that will fit the rod. If that works, I'll keep it around. If not, it goes. A fine starting guitar, but people saying that its comparable to a Les Paul are crazy! Looks cute at least...
  21. Overall, hey, I sold the thing for $5 more than I paid for it. I do miss that phasery chorus though, haven't been able to replicate it since, but I've found other things that I like just as much. I didn't really need to speed control, its bulky and heavy, and makes a noise when engaging and disengaging. If it has just been a chorus pedal, with that great thick sound, I would never have sold it. Its a really cool pedal overall, looks nice, pusling LED, speed control probably advantageous for some. Just wasn't exactly what I wanted. It is a great pedal in its own right though. Everyone talks about Hendrix and Wylde and Trower in relation to this pedal, and that's all good. But other more obscure artists employ it as well. Such as Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine, one of my fave. guitarists. You can hear this pedal on the 'Loveless' album in a few places, to nice effect. If you're interested, you should try one out, it may be worth it. They're not too $$$, and you can always re-sell if its not your thing.
  22. Play with it, weeeee!!!
  23. For a fairly simple DIY $20 Mod kit, I can't imagine anything better.
  24. I got real lucky with this one! Its really cute, it looks like a big bumble bee kinda. Sounds beautiful, everything I want in a Chorus. As I mentioned I was using the Boss CE-20, which has many settings. I was using the CE-1 emulation and the Dimenaional D settinngs primarilly. And they're great, for sure. But this little guys gives me both of those tones, and with no digital harshness (which was only slight, but any is too much sometimes...) with just simple knob tweaking. For my uses, its perfect. I play dirgey / swirly guitar rock like Mercury Rev, MBV, the Cure, Flaming Lips, etc. I'm very excited to have found this pedal, get one if you can, this is the only one of these I've ever seen anywhere.
  25. Overall I love it! It has a great sound all its own. I LOVE germanium diodes - I want this tattooed on my forehead!!! I don't know what else to say. Its a fairly rich sound, but it goes a long way towards preserving the original tone. Just adds meat and bite in all the right places. Its cute too. Not really for metal heads I would say, unless you have it combined with other things to increase overall gain. But for what I do, which is in the realm of pvement, my bloody valentine, mercury rev, cure, etc., it is just perfect.
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