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  1. I play all types of rock. Not much metal. Been playing about 18 years, usually a Les Paul through a fender blues jr. This pedal has really made a couple of our songs and is just fun as hell in any case. I got this to replace a digitech whammy 4, which is a tone-sucking hunk of garbage that can't even track one note. I got this new for $160 because an ebayer apparently goofed up. It's worth $160, but the list of $209 is stupid.
  2. Been playing about 18 years. Hard rock and experimental stuff. Certainly no pro.
  3. I play hard rock with a bluesy bent. Somewhere between old Aerosmith and White Stripes. So far, the pedal has exactly the tone I'm looking for. Fairly heavy, slightly fuzzy distortion. However, I'm a gearwhore, and there's no telling what I'll be trying next.
  4. I'm a fuzz junky - always looking for the perfect pedal. I have 6 or so fuzzes. I can't say yet if this is the one, but it's staying on my board for a quite a while.
  5. I've been playing various types of rock for 17 or so years. Nowadays I mostly I jam with friends and record songs at home. If this pedal got ganked, I'd likely get it again. The features+quality more than make up for the price (which isn't outrageous as far as delays go). I love the versatility and the overall sound quality. Again, the digital delay is too bright, but that's just how digital delay sounds. The analog setting sounds great.
  6. OK, I confess, part of the reason I got this was because having a Big Muff and a Swollen Pickle was too great of a joke to pass up on. But in all seriousness I wanted something that would address some of the Muff's shortcomings. Does the pickle succeed at this? For me, no, not really. The sound is too different from the muff to simply replace it. Yes, it's a better made pedal, and more versatile, but doesn't exactly do what I was hoping. Still a great pedal, though the price is ridiculous ($150). Another item of interest: The blue LED light on the pickle is so bright I have a hard
  7. This is my favorite pedal, and I use it in almost everything I write, which, again, is loud rock n roll. I've been playing about 20 years. Sometimes kind of country, sometimes kind of punk, sometimes kinda metal, sometimes kind of ambient. I'd be obligated to replace it if something happened to it. I got this when I was a noob and didn't realize there were different models of Big Muffs, but I don't regret it. I love the sound of this thing, and having compared it to a handful of other fuzzes, I still love it. On my wishlist would be inputs in the right places, not so damn big, visible po
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