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  1. Good but not great, very light and easy to play ,decent enough sound.
  2. Very nice copy of a strat.
  3. Very good guitar ,close to the gibson sound without the gibson price.
  4. Surprisingly nice little amp, use the output into your real amp and use this just as a distortion pedal.
  5. Not a bad little amp, not the greatest sound,but good enough.
  6. Very nice product with basic features.
  7. Very nice ,classic sound but the fan is too loud for me.
  8. Far too many features for the few button they give so there is a confusing learning curve, Ive owned for 10 years and I still havent learned how to use all the features.
  9. Plenty of features for the money but too many features shared by too few buttons, so there is a learning curve.
  10. Very nice for beginners, perfect for young students.
  11. Classic from the past , far better in sound than new ones made.
  12. Classic but not perfect, the keys have a very cheap feel to them and all those gears make noticeable bit of noise.The start and run switches are in a very awkward place .
  13. Fine for a basic beginners guitar but it doesnt have that good sound that someone who has played guitar for a while.
  14. I like the bridge that doesnt use bridge pins, I used this guitar mostly for alternate tuning and you break a lot of strings, the bridge design allows for very quick string replacement.The only very minor negative is that cedar top is very easy to scratch.
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