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  1. Will trade this Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus for a yellow and red Dunlop fasel inductor. Also looking for good aftermarket tuners (shiny nickel, not brushed) for my Mexi Strat and Agile Les Paul copy; Bad Monkey, SD/Dimarzio Strat Humbucker (white)
  2. This silicon fuzz includes a selectable buffer which allows it to play nicely with your wah. i will take $85 in paypal which includes shipping to cont. US. I will also trade for a Hardwire Chorus, MI Audio Boost N' Buff, HBE Germania, or possibly a Fuzzhugger Algal Bloom. [ATTACH=CONFIG]330253[/ATTACH]
  3. my Blue Boy Deluxe OD after my Cool Cat Fuzz really brings it (the CC Fuzz) to life. The Dano Fuzz is a no-brainer even if you are lukewarm about fuzz.
  4. I'm lukewarm about fuzz but, this thing sounds incredible! Place a light OD behind and it really comes to live at lower volumes. Like many fuzzes it responds great to your volume knob. I like the fact that it sounds great with single coils and humbuckers.
  5. .......absolutely love it! I got that along with the new Puddle of Mudd on a whim and both were a pleasant surprise.
  6. ........just curious if anyone knows which effect is used for the swirly intro? I have seen a Rotovibe and some type of chorus in his rig but, wasn't sure what was used for this song.
  7. Peavey Classic owners....I'm looking for a 12", 16ohm Blue Marvel. $25 + shipping..............
  8. .....I like the project cart that Mouser has but, there are times when it multiplies my items or will not add them to the cart (maybe it's a Firefox / cookie thing). That being said, Small Bear usually has that one rare item per build that I can't find anywhere else. Plus, I never have to worry about screw-ups like accidentally ordering surface mount IC's or capacitors the size of my big toe.
  9. Classics don't like a boost into the front of the amp from my experience... especially on the dirty side. I would try running the badmonkey into the loop. I was gonna run my t.s.9 into it tomorrow and see how it works out. I'll have to disagree with you there. .... I have tried various OD's and boosts in front and they sound killer, especially a treble booster. If you combine those amps with a closed back cabinet they really come to life.
  10. clips of the Subdecay Blackstar sound sort of fuzz-like to me... http://www.subdecay.com/bs.htm
  11. Crunch Box will do what you describe...... the search is over
  12. I see them on Craigslist all the time. You can get a C30 for $300-350............
  13. BYOC Triboost MI Audio Blue Boy Deluxe
  14. Agreed....I build everything that I can via DIY, but MI Audio stuff is priced right and the offerings are different enough to separate them from existing clones on the market.
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