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    Vox VT15

    instead of buying one of those new fangled Champion 600's or whatever they are, save a little more and look for a silverface Champ- they have basically the same circuit as the blackface champ (unlike the larger old Fender amps that had many changes over the '70s) Love the size- packs a punch for such a small and light amp also have a 76 princeton Reverb, 71 Twin Reverb, 68 Bandmaster. These old amps blow the new amps away
  2. Playing for close to 16 years. I have a very nice 2003 SG Faded- my #1- that is getting better and better with use (Gibson's answer to the highway one series), a Gibson SG Classic (p-90s), 72 Fender Telecaster Custom RI MIJ. Have owned many many guitars over the years including several other strats. I just recently scaled back my gear quite a bit and in the process discovered how indespensable this HWY 1 Strat was. I AM getting a brand new one after Christmas- a sunburst S/S/S with rosewood fretboard. That's also another good thing about these guitars- lots of color/ configuration options. Favorite features: the more you play it, the better it gets- the best guitars have this soulful quality. You won't find this on a MIM standard. It's just in this whole other category of Strats, there is no theme to it- like "standard" or "custom" or "signature" or "limited edition", they just make them all the same, just like the old days in Fullerton. Almost like the workingman's Standard Strat.
  3. been playing for 14 years, have owned 27 electrics. I have 2 sweet Gibson SGs- one- SG faded with dimarzio super distortions and the other- SG classic with p-90s. Also a mexican fender strat, Japanese 1996 '72 Fender Tele Custom Reissue, a highly modified squier strat and an epiphone SG junior with a dogear p-90. have oned tons of effects, amps, basses, acoustics, expensive garbage and cheap gold, etc.. I know my stuff and the JAGMASTER is a must. You should get one.... Love the overall shape, colors, sounds, playability and range of mood. yeah.
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