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  1. This has got to be one of the most currently obscure under rated and little known GEMS of the peavey world. Here I sit in my living room looking at some of my most prized possessions and they all say PEAVEY...but...all of these are no longer in productions...the Butcher, the Classic 20, the classic 115E cab, the classic 50 in tweed (although the classic 50 head is still in production I don't know if it's offered in tweed anymore). My question, what caused peavey to buckle and quit producing many of their best products? Look at the BRAVO!!! My god, how can you quit making that??? It is so much like a Marshall stack in a tidy little back seat box, it's crazy! I LOVE the bravo...then when you ask peavey reps, they offer the valvekings....sorry PEAVEY...PEAVEY should always have MADE IN AMERICA...we grew up with you Hart-man, we loved you thru the mace, the deuce, the bravo, the VTM's, heck I even have a great deal of respect for their SOLID STATE stuff...look at the Bandit...can't go see a country band ANYWHERE and not see a Bandit. My point? Buy up as many Peavey gems as you can...because if the Valveking is doing the Writing on the Wall, Peavey is just going to be another Vox made in china....
  2. if you can find one of these used at a reasonable price ($300) you should really consider it. As with all used equipment, you should check cosmetics. This is a good indication of how someone treats their equipment. You should also check the screws. If they look "worn" there's a good chance someone opened/closed it quite a bit (makes you wonder WHY, unless they were just curious). Check for funny smells....every tube amp should have a certain smell, those of you who are around this stuff know what i mean, however funky fish smells, peanut butter smells, puke smells, beer smells are often times an indication of other issues. Lastly, open it up before you buy it if you can, look for anything loose, missing, broken or leaking. Modifications are wonderful if done properly, however do you want to take a modded amp home, have it break and take it to your tech who only works off of factory schematics? NO. LAST WORDS-This is a GEM of an amp.
  3. Playing for 29 years. Lost or stolen i'd buy 3 more. Just so you understand, I'm quite familiar with VERY GOOD low wattage amps. I own this amp now, along with a THD Univalve and Peavey Classic 20. I also have exclusive use of a REAL 1968 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp. Love small amps that just totally Rock. This one is no exception and sits proudly beside my other amps. The Valve Jr. Head absolutely blew me away from the very beginning. I plugged it in, after it was warm, cranked it all the way...QUIET..and I had to recheck that I had the speaker plugged in. I then plugged my guitar in, cranked it up and WOW! We played an ASAT, a tele, a strat, and an old epiphone genesis through this amp. We also played the amp through a 212 8ohm cab loaded with 1 Greenback and 1 Vintage 30, then plugged it into a 412 16ohm Peavey cab loaded with 30's. It likes the 8 ohm cab better, however still rocked in the 412. Taking into consideration that I own what many feel to be THE BEST little class A amp (the THD UNIVALVE) I was mildly skeptical that this amp was as good as all the reviews. What I expected was sounds ok for 99.99. What I got was, HOW DID THEY CRAM $900.00 into $99.99??? Dont get me wrong, I totally love my Univalve. I totally love my Peavey. BUTafter purchasing this amp and putting it through its paces, I almost feel in some small way that Ive spent too much money on other things. This amp alone will be THE most important economic change to the amplifier industry ever. All you boutique companies beware. Epiphone impressed me with my Genesis, they now have blown me away with the VALVE JR. HEAD!
  4. I'd like to at least have a guitar with the frets properly set into the fretboard or have Samick fix or replace this guitar. They won't respond, so I'm stuck with a guitar that is worthless. This guitar was purchased for a child for a christmas present. Merry Christmas!
  5. This is an awesome amp. I would not have it for my ONLY amp because sometimes you just need the AB push/pull thing or that old fender recto sound. BUT....it is MY MAIN AMP. MOST TIMES MY ONLY amp, and IF i was faced with getting rid of everything except ONE AMP, this would be the one i'd keep. I have friends who are marshall guys, but we agree that a band has to have diversity otherwise you just blend...they have not respected my choices in amps (mesa-legend-fender, etc), however EVERYONE LOVES MY UNIVALVE like I do.
  6. Lost or stolen...i'd be crushed. I'd try to find another quickly. Some guys wouldn't because they are so used to picking over 1000's of strats to replace the strat that was stolen. WHY? QUALITY CONTROL or lack of it....Fender doesn't make the same guitar twice. Hamer..well HAMER can make 1000 guitars ALL IDENTICAL...so if i lose one, i just have to order another...other guitars you can't do this.... As a rule, i've never been a guitar or amp or tube snob. Guitars and pizza are like sex...it's all good...some are just better than the rest. Well this is the BEST. Little secret though...I never picked up a hamer before this one...no mainstream advertizing campaign or high pressure sales pitch, never knew anyone who had one or played one. If you're like me and have never tried one...PICK UP A FREAKIN HAMER and try one....life's to short to play crappy guitars!
  7. Awesome. If you have a univalve, old fender or any tube amp that doesn't have enough front end push, try this. It's not for everyone (metalheads for instance will say it's not enough gain)..but it is the coolest overdrive/distortian pedal i've encountered. Look at it this way, it's only 29.99 at GC and sounds like a 300.00 (ebay price) hotrodded OLD tubescreamer. What a DEAL! Thanks digitech, i see now that you actually make something that isn't crap!
  8. Overall, all things considerred, it's like the 2nd best guitar/value i've ever owned. They really have crammed a $1500.00 guitar into a $399.00 price tag. Just hope they don't do like mazda did and start jacking prices up when the product becomes popular
  9. You know..this is very subjective. Some "kids" may not ever appreciate this amp. They didn't grow up hearing "real" amps in their sleep. I'm 39, playing since i was 10, youngest of 7 and with older bro's and sis's, i've heard lots and lots of music over time. Solid state was not what was on the radio growing up. now you hear nothing but modeling amps and "close" sounds but nothing like the real thing. So kids today "think" that line6 models are faithful. I've played EVERYTHING imaginable in amps...solid state, tube, hybrids with tube pre-s, hybrids with tube power. and YES, i'll confess i was getting close to really liking the valvetronix vox ( a very respectable hybrid amp by the way) It's a sad truth though that there are a lot of kids playing who have never heard or played through a real amp because they are told by the stores that "models" are just as good. well in the case of thd's univalve, it's as versitile as any modeling amp..but the thing you feel in your heart and soul when you play it that it's real...it's not a model and your life will be much better having it around. Thanks THD for rescuing me and all the rest from being buried in the crap that's on the market...thanks for letting our sound climb back on top and even if i don't make another dime playing, every time i plug into my univalve, you'll know i'm smiling!
  10. Here's the deal. Any weak combo could benefit from this speaker array. Steelsound.com SSG 212 empty cab, 1 celestion G12M Greenback 25, 1 Celestion Vintage 30. you can email me for more details if you want. I'm not selling anything, or marketing, for any company. I'm a happy customer. This wasn't rocket science to read the celestions specs on 40 speakers to come to this choice but if you need a little 2x12 50 watt total cab, i've already got it designed for you free of charge.
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