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  1. This is a good processor for people who like to play a little bit of everything, though I can't imagine it being ideal for someone who specializes in only one type of music. The main weakness is by far the distortion, which just doesn't get that heavy without sounding muddy. This shouldn't matter too much unless you play metal, which I happen to specialize in. Even alternative can stand the muddiness of the distortion settings, and the unit seems geared to that crowd. It does have input/output loops, though, so I'll probably build a collection of spare pedals with the SGX as my core machine (starting with distortion of course). Points off also for the unimaginative preset programming, with a good 3/4 of them being completely useless without some tweaking of your own. If and when I have to replace it, I'll probably spend a little extra and try a different processor, though I'm not really sorry I bought this one.
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