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  1. Been playing guitar and bass since the '70's. I always wanted a Messenger...big GFR fan way back...though this guitar goes beyond that. I would definitely look for another if it was lost/stolen.
  2. I'm primarily a bass player though I've recently moved to guitar for a new live project. I've been gigging and recording regularly for over 30 years...no-one famous but definitely time-served! This guitar is exactly what I wanted. I owned a 69 SG Special many years ago...lately I'd been getting by with a Epi G400 special edition with the maestro trem...thats an ok guitar which I still use for recording. However the Elite is leagues better and perfect for live work.
  3. This 'Vintage' model is a classic in its own right...it ouses Gibson vibe at a fraction of the price. Its perfect for upgrading. I'm an old rocker and I worked in music retail for a number of years...I'm totally won over by these guitars.
  4. I've been playing bass for over 30 years, professional for a while, though these days a couple of gigs a month as a paid hobby plus home studio song-writing and recording. I own 2 other Precisions, both '57 re-issues made by Fender Japan along with a Mexican Jazz. This is a great addition to my setup, an instrument which I'll probably use quite a lot. I havn't owned it for long but I'd definitely replace it if it were lost/stolen. I think my modifications have improved it and I'd do the same to another if I bought one. The 51 Precision is not a bass to suit every player but its wonderful for all things rock n roll.
  5. My live gigs are as a bass player...my 6-string electrics are used for home-recording. I'm a middle-aged rock/r'n'b musician...semi-pro these days though I did play for a living for a number of years...I write songs for the fun of it and I use my PC and Cubase VST5 to record my material. I've always fancied owning a single pick-up Les Paul Junior DC...but funds are limited and so this fitted the bill perfectly. My main 6-string is an Epiphone Les Paul Standard with Semour Duncan pickups and up-graded electrics.
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