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  1. i play modern classic rock, and like my delay i am very very very very picky about my fuzz - most fuzzes aren't anything more than glorified Overdrive pedals - and OD is totally gay - this thing? well, it's a serious semi-pro fuzz machine and whether it's Zeppelin or Guess Who or even Supergrass, this thing has your lust for fust covered
  2. i play modern classic rock, and i am very very very picky about my delays. i honestly just broke down and bought my first Boss delay after 14 years of swearing i'd never... so this pedal, yeah, it really suits my tastes, or else i wouldn't own and play it... next step: JamMan:)
  3. i'll give this pedal a 4 just because of the panning feature, but truly, any other stereo effect (like a chorus or a flanger) will give you that same spacial shift.
  4. I play support, I play singer-songwriter, I play rock and roll. I play a lot of instruments - I gotta tell ya: this pedal was made for guitar!!! Probably one of the better, finer, more accurate mass produced overdrive/distortion/fuzz pedals out there. If it were to be modded I'd say smooth out the higher boost end, maybe with a longer, wider taper on the pot or something - just more room to play before getting to the rough and the raw.
  5. Maybe DOD pedals need to be like three times bigger, with pots the size of D cell batteries - and a lot more of them... sometimes it's hard to belive that sounds so big come from pedals so small - this is not to say all DOD pedals are charmers, but those that are are.
  6. Overall...? I owned this pedal for less than two weeks. After hearing a friends FX-25 i had rather assumed this pedal would be better and more expressive - I was wrong; and so were the minds at DOD when they built this. It is worse than it's predecessor, probably worse than a kazoo and tissue paper at getting a good dynamic enveloppe! For the record, I find that DOD as a manufacturer makes finer quality instruments than Boss, and it's a terrible shame that every once in a while they put out something so utterly crap. Spend $300 and get a Q-Tron, or go to every pawn shop you can find to dig upi some other more unique gem.
  7. Like most of the B series pedals, this one is utterly lacking in that original burst of creativity that fuelled the sounds of the late seventies/ early eighties. Even with the boost function this pedal is still only passable at best, and really rather noisy - I wouldn't recommend this pedal to anyone but a fifteen year old trying to piss their parents' off!
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