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  1. I play jazz fusion and on the other end of the spectrum I play ska/punk. I like the jazz fusion better, though, and this pedal shines with my gear. It make my strats bite, and it makes my SG sing. I am very happy to own this gem of a pedal.
  2. A great line of pedals. I don't like alot of their pedals, just cause They are not nessecary to my style, and these are the only ones that I would even think of using. But, they are great pedals nontheless, and with names like Stereo Chorus and Digital Delay, I know what I am getting.
  3. I like this strat after all the mods. It has a great sound and a great look now. I like strats the best. I always have. Do I even need to explain? Ok, fine. Two words - Eric Jihnson.
  4. This is a great guitar!!!! If it were stolen, I would have to look far and wide for another one this great. I have played three other ones I saw in local music stores, and they all suck!! They are lacking in that whole vibe that a vintage guitar is supposed to have.
  5. [Comments] This little PU didn't cost much, so you figure it out, smart guy. It delivers classic vintage Strat tone. If that is what you are looking for, then buy this PU.
  6. A good practice amp, a good gig amp for clean tone, what else can I say? If you can, go out and buy one. It is well worth the money. Just don't nit-pick it. It isn't perfect and it never will be- so get over it!!!!!
  7. I own a blue Mexican Strat that I love too and a 1969 Gibson LGO. Like most musicians, I am usually broke, so when I saw an old Gibson that i caould afford and was still in perfect shape, I nearly fainted. My friend only woke me up to fight about who actually got to take it home! This one is VERY cool, it is a keeper.
  8. redchucks

    DOD FX54 Attacker

    I got this pedal for free. My drummer in one particular group didn't know what it was and said I could take it. I like it alot and wouldn't trade anything for it. It has held up thusfar, and that is the only thing people are complaining about. They are bitching about how it falls apart. They probably just aren't taking care of their gear.
  9. [Comments] I only own two real strats(the others being Squiers) and I like each to have its own character, so I don't own two of the same guitar. The other Strat has the single coils that I took out of my Standard Strat.
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