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  1. As said, I use this EQ in my home recording setup. I primarily record my own music, usually demos, but sometimes CD's for sale as well. I have been "seriously" doing home recording for about two years, and have been playing guitar and singing for about 18+ years. My only wish is that I bought this unit a while ago. I play/write music that is usually a cross between Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, maybe some Hendrix, Sabbath, and Tool thrown in as well. Sometimes I do some acoustic guitar stuff, with harmony vocals, etc... This unit makes my mixes sound more professional and tight. If it were stolen, I would definitely get another one. But at $150 new??! -my local Guitar Center was discontinuing them, and I jumped on the last one. I'm glad I did, too. Is it perfect? No. But for the money, or anything close to the money, nothing (at least I've heard) can touch this unit. Ultimately tweakable. Yeah, I love this unit! (c:
  2. D.

    DigiTech DHP-55

    I play mostly hard rock with some psychedelic overtones with my band Left of Heaven. ( http://www.leftofheaven.com ) On my own, I am a little more musically experimental, and love creating really spacey, floating, ambient "soundscapes". I use it in both situations, and the unit holds up well with my musical split personality. I've been playing almost 20 years, and have used TONS of different effects processors, pedals, amps, guitars, etc... My basement is filled with alot of them, in addition to building a healthy PA setup and basic/smaller home studio setup with the processors that have been in my rack at one time or another. So I know gear pretty well. This unit does some very unique and cool sound bending. It can be used as a basic all-in-one FX processor, but seems to find it's niche' as a "more" processor. I use the Intellifex for alot of the basics, and crank this puppy up when I want to write the soundtrack to the end of the world (c; If it were stolen, I would try to locate another, but these seem fairly difficult to locate... but with Ebay, anything/everything shows up eventually. I searched a long time to find a processor that had what this unit has. Personality. In other words, it lets me sound like me, and get some of the sounds I hear in my head out through a bunch of 4X12's. This is one unit you could give 10 different musicians, and the results would vary greatly, whereas some other effects and/or units are less "deep", for lack of a better term. This piece, and some of digitechs other more complicated units have been grossly overlooked, due to their apparent initial complexity and learning curve. Guitarists in particular are an instant gratification type of crowd. Anything this complex would/did get passed by, by most. Too bad. Overall this unit is capable of some very intense (as well as subtle) effects and colors. Definitely worth checking out if your looking for something beyond the typical FX box, and you are patient (c:
  3. D.

    Rocktron Intellifex

    I mostly play original hard/spacerock music ( similar to Tool, Pink Floyd, Alice In Chains, Led Zep, Hendrix, Soundgarden, etc...) with my band Left of Heaven http://www.leftofheaven.com I've been playing for about 17 years, and have used lots of stuff (more than I should have ever bought). If it were stolen I would track down the same model/version. Of all the stuff I have laying around, this is the effects processer of choice. If I could change anything, I would give it longer delay times (goes up to 1500ms mono, 750ms stereo) and user definable algorithms, but even without these features I have created some really great patches. It definitely helps me to create music. And now I can lift my rack alone! *** if anyone has any patches that they'd like to share/trade, let me know *** dbeccia@tiac.net
  4. sold it to someone with the DMC footcontroller, and they seemed happy. I use a foot controller which uses regular midi cable pin wiring (like 99.9% of all midi units... midi is supposed to be a universal way for units, regardless of manufacterer, to communicate with each other, but apparently DMC doesn't think this should happen). I bought a Rocktron Patchmate, and have had no problems, got 9 stereo loops in stead of 8 mono loops, and programmable hush noise reduction. Thank you Rocktron.
  5. Try for yourself and decide. But My Mesa Boogie has given me no problems AS A PAPER WEIGHT ever since I got these JMP 1 pre amps. Again, no offense intended by this, just my own humble opinion. But the TUBES are a fact!!!!!!!!!
  6. I've been playing for over 16 years. I used to think that this type of distortion/gain was only attainable from an excellent distortion box, but the JCM 800 blows any box away, unless you want hardcore Buzz, like an electric razor. ( tone???, we don't need no stinking tone....) -get a metal zone. I use this amp with a JMP1 preamp, and my settings on the Preamp sound almost identical to this amp, but offers 100 memory banks, plus a better fx loop, and better "super cleans". If it were stolen, I would kill the thief and everything/everyone they love. I would get it back. I own and have tried many other heads. Marshall, boogie, preamps, fender, etc... and this head kills for solid, ballsey rock/metal crunch. It isn't extremely versatile, but will get you a decent variety of tones with a little experimentation. Want Jazz? Get a boogie. Want Buzz/death metal? Get a Randall. Want super clean blues? Roland or Fender is your amp. If you want super fat, harmonically rich, crunchy, incindiary, hot glowing, tube melting, louder than hell, Rock/Metal workhorse. GET A MARSHALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. D.

    Rocktron Midimate

    This unit, as I said before, allows me to use my effects in new and more creative ways. once you get used to fading in a delay or reverb patch (instead of just all or nothing), you'll love it. If your music calls for any degree of control over your effects, you'll want to consider this (or a unit like this) unit. In one patch your continuous controller pedal controls tremelo speed, in another it controls a harmony volume or amount (or both simultaneously). No more need for that clumsy whammy pedal. The amount of options is only limited by your effects processor, not this unit. I also like the fact that you have ten, not five, pedals at your feet. this avoids extra bank changes. I can have a clean, heavy rhythm, and lead patch from my preamp, and seven effects patches, without scrolling! that's the equivalent of 21 patches with some other controllers... The unit, as I said, has a solid feel. It feels very "definite" when you change patches/banks. (128 patches, in banks of 10). The only two things that I don't like I already said previously. I've owned a few other units similar to this one, but this is the one that works the best for me. For extensive racks, you may want to combine this unit with a remote loop rack mount unit. That's it. Oh, by the way, don't let the trendy "racks suck" mentality color your judgement. If you really want a rack, get one. Just use effects tastefully, and ignore/pitty the ignorant!!! Cya
  8. I've been playing for over 15 years, and am an admitted gear junkie. I do have a preference for Marshall amps, and own a several. From heads/cabs, combos, pre amps, etc... but I also own, and have owned, Laneys, Fenders, Mesa boogies, blah blah blah. Some are/were great, and some of them, well.... weren't. IMHO. I would definitely hunt down another if this head was stolen. It is not a perfect head. I've never heard/seen one that was. But it is very powerful, toneful, and responsive to the player and guitar used. It works for me, and that's why I use it.
  9. D.

    DigiTech IPS-33B

    I play blues, rock, metal, new age, fusion, and psychadelic music. This unit can be and is used in all of these different styles. I would buy it again, especially now when they are selling in the $200-$300 range. I like the harmonies, but really love the detune, whammy effects, string effects, and my own ambient noise patches (you can't tell it's a guitar anymore!!!!!) The Evevtide is probably a notch or two higher in performance options, so if you have $3,000+ go buy one. I know i've said it about 5 times, but you really need to get into this things potential before you realize the surrealistic sounds you can achieve. This will take awhile to do, but it's worth it. In an age when players are confused by pedals with 4 knobs on them, it is no wonder why this unit was overlooked by so many. If you are a bit of a tech head and/or know your theory, check this puppy out. Use of continous controllers make this unit 10 times more lethal.
  10. D.

    Dunlop Crybaby 535 Chrome

    I would, and have, bought it again. The only thing that I wish it had is a "true bypass", but other than that, it's THE wah to own.
  11. I would definitely buy this unit again, without hesitaion. It's strong point is it's overdrive/distortion settings, although the clan sounds are fine also (no threat to a clean Fender amp, but they serve the purpose, and sound best with single coil pickups such as Dimarzio HS2's). I hate the fact that I spend hours and hours playing instead of eating, sleeping, etc... but the tone is the thing! I've used many other pre amps before this unit, including a Rocktron Pro GAP, a Boss GL-100, and an ADA MP1, although they offered more diverse sounds overall, the tone was lacking in comparison to the JMP1.
  12. D.

    DigiTech TSR-24

    This is an extremely versatile peice of gear. Guitarists/bassists/keyboardists may find that this unit borders on overkill(16 tap delay, anyone?) depending on the individuals needs/tastes. User defineable algorithms are a godsend, with redudant fx possible(flange+EQ+flange+delay+...)Be prepared to spend some time learning this unit. If the sound is in your head, it's probably in this box.***Any other Tsr-24 users interested in trading algorithms/patches please Email me!***
  13. I would buy this unit again. I use it to boost gain/volume for leads with an already overdriven amp setting, with the volume 3/4's up and the gain about 1/3 up. The nice thing about using this pedal in this way is that the tone is not altered very much, compared to an EQ or compressor, which tends to darken/muddy the tone.
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