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  1. I bought the unit with visions of Passion and Warfare dancing in my head. This unit isn't totally up to the sonic specs of that challenge's quality, but could definitely pass in a live gig as your harmonizer. It's a good match for rock/pop/fusion given that you take the time to think about your setup before you get too serious with it. I've been playing over seven years, and this is my first real intelligent harmonizer. I'd have no problem reccomending it to someone who doesn't have the cash to drop on an Eventide harmonizer, with the reservation to them that it's not quite as pure sounding. I
  2. Rick Spaulding

    Korg A2

    I would consider the A2 an incredibly good deal and match for any kind of music. After 7 years of playing I've used stomp boxes, processors, and straight into amp/board setups. This was definitely the best sound for $400 I've heard. It'd still be great at twice the price. With better distortions and harmonizing it'd be a great stand alone/plug & play unit. If the device were stolen, I'd probably try to replace it with the same unit or it's big brother the A1. The sound quality really blew me away. I was quite fond of the quality of the output signal. Very few boxes can be recorded with the
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