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  1. This is a GREAT pedal. I searched for a long time before I could try one out. I eventually got my wish... and I got 2 !!! I don't think I will keep the second one, as my pedal board has no more room on it. But I will not sell MY pedal. It is great, fun thermine sounds and crazy sputter fuzz! I am happy I got a hold of one. The battery that came with it wa sdead on arrival, so that is a bummer, but popped in a fresh one, and it sounds great! No buyer remorse.
  2. This is a great pedal. Best wah and the option of combining it with a volume swell is fanstastic! Unfortunatly I have to sell this pedal, so if you are interested, email me. School comes first, and I don't need a wah more than my degree. hangwire@angelfire.com
  3. Ok, what else is there to say? The DOD Bass pedals were actually very good for multiple applications...the Bass Grunge is great on a single coil pickup guitar! If you can snag one, I would definitly go for it. I actually have 2 of these, but I think I might sell one since I only need the one for computer recording...so if your intersted, email me...but I might just hang on to it, imagine, a DOD collectable!!!
  4. Andrew J.-DKVd.

    4ms Atoner

    Go to www.commonsound.com to see pic (mine is the one made by Mitzi and is orange-ish). I need to rush now because I was typing this at the doctor's office (!) but I will probably update in the future, or just email me at hangwire@angelfire.com with anything else.
  5. Good phaser, I had many phasers, and this one is a great workhorse! Nicde an small as well, since this pedal sounds similar to a Small Stone, the size actually was a factor (I used to own a Small Stone, great pedal as well, I just got a trade offer for this pedal first).
  6. Just a great pedal! Best clean boost out their. I actually have 2 and will probably sell the other one since I just need one...but a great pedal. If interested email me... hangwire@angelfire.com
  7. Great guitar for the money, vintage guitars are fun. I might possibly sell this one if it is a collector's item, but now it is getting good use! Nice and solid! Feel free to email me about my gear...
  8. Just a great guitar. Need pics or info, email me. Sounds great, nice old guitar. I like the look and it has all the options I like. I hope it last a long time. I am sure it will!
  9. This is a great delay. I got it used, but it was still in the box with manual! It can be intimedating with the extra nobs, but you just need to use it conservativly and it will be fine! I had one before and I always was using weird sound and eventualy sold it because I wanted a plain delay, but I realized my error and got ths one and I am very happy! This pedal can make Electro Harmonix Deluxe memory man sounds as well as 16 second delay noises, so it is great (especially since both of those are high to ultra high expensive!) and I am glad I have one.
  10. Although it can be difficult to get the settings to work together correctly, it is a blast. I had one before and I sold it (stupid me), but this one was in box with manual and the $100 was well worth it...I can get Memory Man sounds from this box and the echos are just that, very non-squeaky (for a digital, that is). Just a great pedal!
  11. This is a fantastic box to own. I was very skeptical since it had the zoom name on it, but this is nothing like those crappy 505 series pedals. It ios metal, sounds great, has awesome control, and is just the best. I havn't seen too many of tehse around anymore, so they will be collector's items for sure! Just a great pedal...
  12. Andrew J.-DKVd.

    Boss DF-2

    Well, I got it used, and have since traded it off. I don't miss it at all. It was cool for feedback, but you can get a Soundtank distortion unit and just set that up for full gain feedback and spend less money.
  13. I have since traded away this box, but it was a good pedal for what it can be aquired for. A 6 out of 10 would be a fitting place for this pedal because as it is, the pedal is better than average, but there are better, but they drastically increase in price.
  14. This is a great pedal. It really has some great sounds in it. All I wish it could do more is a decent ring modulator tone, but i might be able to with some more fiddling around! If any other MicroSynth users would like to trade slider positions, I will love to hear from you, maybe even start up a MicroSynth page!
  15. Great guitar, great sound. I was looking for a Casino when I found this suprise hanging on the wall. After playing it, I knew it was great. That is the way I test guitars, it it sounds great unplugged as is, then it will sound good with everyting else (of course if the pickups are shot, then that doesn't count!) I am glad I found thi sguitar, I am sure it will be worth more in the future. Just a great old guitar!
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