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  1. nebus

    Sony HR-MP5

    generally i like it, although the noise floor could be better. i'd possibly buy another, nothing else in a half rack size compares except a Boss Vf-1, and i haven't heard them. would prefer to go to a higher sony because they are excellent.
  2. nebus

    roland System 100

    it be pretty bummed if this went missing, it would extremely hard to replace to say the least. don't own anything else like it so a put it in my top ten alongside the minimoog, expander, 2600, oscar, e-III, cs-15/30/80, prophet 5, 808 and dx-7 for being an expressive and unique weee box. stylee casing too, hunt down the whole system-keyboard,expander,mixer,seqencer and speakers (you need the speakers just for looks) for that complete analogue workstation look. more patching and a ring mod and lfo sync would be great, as would a million bucks but i'm happy with this one. it fit's in my rig as an intergral part of my sound, and considering i got it free it's even better. expect to pay us$500 to $2000 for a full system, but don't get it confused with the 100m which has individual moduales like the system 700m, and has a much more roland sound. this one can sound more like a moog, 303, odessey or pro-one given the right programming. i'd never sell mine. ever.
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