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  1. Perfect for what it's designed for, well priced, looks good and feels great. The Sounds from this guitar really are somthing special!
  2. looks great, very powerfull, great sound, versitile, abit cheaper then its compition.
  3. Great looking and sounding cab. If you want a smaller open back cab this is a great choice
  4. Exactly what it's supposed do, looks good and sounds good, perfect for volume swells.
  5. Cheap, looks good, reliable and terrific sounds,recommned this pedal as your choice for Chorus.
  6. Looks 5/5 Sound 4/5 Playability 5/5 Value 4/5 All round good guitar definatly worth playing and getting
  7. Looks great, sounds so great compared to any cabinets ive had, pretty well priced so all round good cabinet, so ive got no reason not to give it a 10.
  8. Looks good, Good price point, Good sounds maybe abit more understated then it sbhould be but never the less good.
  9. Cool bit of kit. Sounds like a Rock/Metal/Blues Wah Wah pedal should, Full and sweet sound. The torque bar is just such a clever addition to a wah pedal. Finally it looks great, nice chrome look and sturdy build.
  10. Great looking great sounding very original a great tool.
  11. A great looking guitar + great sounding- my only issue is the price point maybe should be a hundred or so cheaper then it would really be 10 out of 10.
  12. If you get one of these that works then is a great amp and does exactly what its supposed to!
  13. Well my opinion on the sound should be clear now its pretty good but one issue which knocks a few points off! Also another issue I've got is the size i like big pedals but this one does'nt have too much stuff in side so why does it need to be massive? The price is great though, mine was ¿¿49.00 which is good value for a quite good pedal.
  14. Anonymous-KXXct

    Alesis F2

    I use this mainly for fluid volume swell like Pearl Jam + Incubus and it works perfectly. Also it looks great stylish Silver and black which does matter as some pedals look rubbish. And it is so cheap! over half the price of the Vox and Boss equivilent pedals.
  15. Looks great/sounds ok all in all a good guitar! not as great as my PRS but still amazing!
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