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    roland Fantom S

    I guess I'd buy it again. For the price I paid, I got a complete expandable workstation which can do almost everything I can imagine at the moment. And it's relatively lightweighted, so that's a plus for gigging. Possible improvements: better piano, more polyphony, better organs, audio tracks in sequencer, huge permanent memory (max Smart Media Card usable is 128 MB). Some of those issues can be dealt with by using SRX cards, or buy buying a Fantom X. But all in all, this was a good buy for me.
  2. Only bought it today. But it meets my expectations and will meet my demands, I think. I owned a JV-1010 before and know the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of sound modules. Pro's: portable, not too expensive, huge array of sounds; con's: only editable from computer (so that means homework before every gig), scrolling is time consuming (but I described how I circumvent this problem), three-digit display (no patch names).
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