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  1. MXR custom overdrive for your drive the rest of the {censored}, I don't know ia lready have MXR Dist III, does taht count? LOL
  2. Wait, is there a limit on money? Unfortunately, as always. About $170 per pedal. abou $800 for starters. Or 700, actually, cause the tuner is almost in the mail already
  3. Correction. I think I'll drop the "classic" wah in favour of envelope follower - or filter, auto wah thingy. Guyatone or something.
  4. think big Polytune, Wilson 12position wah, Diamond compressor, Klon, Pitch Pirate Deluxe or Empress Phaser or Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe and Strymon TimeLine for delay or think small, Polytune Mini, AMT Japanese Girl, Xotic SP compressor, ZVex BoR, Mooer Ensemble King chorus, or Malekko Omicron Phaser or Sweetsound Mofaux vibe and Mooer AnaEcho Bieke! spot on, as always. Sweetsound? Never heard of, gotta check them out. AnaEcho looks very wrong to me; I can see that "L" lurcking between the words mwahahaha j/k
  5. yep. Real McCoy wah was my consideration Nr 1 for wahs Dano - I don't know, how about HBE Detox?
  6. i am considering adding a small amp + small pedalboard to my rig. I now run a rack setup + 412 cab, but the idea of running a 1x12 single-channel combo + pedals makes me warm inside and it makes my back happy, too. this will be used for all sorts of pop / powerpop / cover gigs and sessions, but I think I already have option anxiety when it comes to pedals, your suggestions will be welcome (see below) so, the amp in question is cornford roadhouse 30. it will be set to medium crunch, so to speak. slightly cleaner then "all right now" by free, so i can have some dirt on full blast and back down for clean. the pedalboard: tuner > wah > comp > od / boost > Chorus o phaser i might add a delay, but not sure, and I might consider replacing the mod block with a univibe-style pedal, that would sound convincingly good in mono. so far I am thinking: SR Turbotuner > wah???? > comp (keeley?? expensive as f*ck for a comp ) > EQ (with level set low and treble boosted to clean up the od) > Xotic AC booster? RC? > ??? dejaVibe? can I buy some more gear? puhleeeeease?
  7. i run mesa/boogie triaxis direct into sound card and apply Waves IR later
  8. Hendrix would become Zappa really people get older, and he would probably lose interest in toys with time, and would be fed up with studio trickery, and would think more about the ways to express something in a purely musical way
  9. Honestly, we did not throw anything at you. We had a dealer leak the info and then had a mix up on the release of the ads. Woops. This was not us doing what we did with Spider Valve. We did not want it leaked. well, this way or another, you already have all us lining up in stores
  10. i actually need it to recvord demos. and not only demos. basicly, i just want my POD XT - only better, As far as using it live, i have a fairly fancy mesa rig, so no, i don't plan on using it live, UNLESS sosmebody wants me to do session work and the gig ends up to be of the cheap and compact "we all go direct" type, when all you have is a drumset, two monitors and a multicore on stage. one more thing. i am ready to get the HD500 floorboard only because the rack version is unavailable. but even with my own band, there's one more cool way to use it, be it the floorboard, or rack - my rig is MIDI controlled, so I can always have the tube rig runnin on stage, and the emulated outs of a pod going to desk, or whatever the soundman wants - be it POD only, or layered upon the "real" thing
  11. we really need a "thanks" system for this forum! I will manually thank LowYaw for the link ! I have owned the XT Live and switched to the X3 Live once that came out, can't wait to see how this sounds! I use it purely for effects though you're welcome, bro )
  12. Live demonstration of new Line 6 guitar equipment Sat 18th Sept. Nevada Music in collaboration with Line 6 present an in-store live demonstration of their new 2010 guitar amplifiers, effects and ancilliary equipment. The live demo will be at the Farlington based store near Portsmouth on Saturday 18th September 2010 with demos commencing at around 10.00am and continuing until mid-afternoon ... Line 6's own guitarmeister Paul Hindmarsh will be putting some of their latest and greatest products through their paces whilst offering customers the chance to ask questions about existing Line 6 equipment. There will be free give-aways and competitions on the day, so make sure that you ring this Line 6 demo date in your diary - Saturday September 18th at the Nevada Music Warehouse .. thought there may be someone here who lives nearby and can go and get the scoop. thanks here we go
  13. The Gear Page Rich Renken of Line 6 posts there from time to time click here
  14. LOL well, it got me. i clicked the links and thought wtf? but i didn't think it could be a bot )
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