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  1. Oh man. Sweet. So you would say that there's absolutely no reason to even touch 2 and 3, right? Not if they're already working properly. Its really hard to set the bias by ear. There is definitely a sweet spot in the bias that can only be set by observing a test signal on a scope. Also, if the bias isn't right, it can indirectly affect the feedback sensitivity since you aren't sending the full-amplitude of output signal through the feedback loop. With the balance, this is also hard to set by ear, but it can be a little more obvious at the longest delay setting. You can begin to hear the aliasing and "steps" in the re-constructed delay signal if this trim is off. Filtering is so heavy in analog delays that it sometimes doesn't matter where this is set.
  2. And here we go. Thank you again, sir for your help to the masses. So, SR4 = repeats. There are also the SR1 (5K) , SR2 (10K), and SR3 (20K) trims. Now to find out which one is delay time. SR1 controls the overall clock frequency range (thus delay time range). SR2 controls the BBD bias. SR3 controls the BBD output balance.
  3. The feedback sensitivity trim is labeled "SR4." It won't throw the cal off if you tweak it.
  4. For sale or trade is an Allparts tele neck for your tele or partscaster build. I got a tele in a trade with this neck, but its way to fat for my liking. Here are the specs on the neck: http://www.allparts.com/Chunky-Telecaster-Neck-p/tmo-fat.htm Profile is not specified, but its definitely a "U" type 50's profile. "Fender Telecaster" decal was added and neck lacquered. Comes with nut as pictured. No tuning machines or string guide. Asking $160 shipped/PP. I'm interested in a comparable maple neck, just not a "FAT" style. Its going on an Esquire build, so "Esquire" decal is preferred.
  5. Bump Would trade for decent reverb pedal.
  6. Bump DMM/ adapter sold. Still have the 90's DMM w/ cord, $300 shipped/PP
  7. bump, tremolo traded. DMMs still for sale.
  8. 90's DMM with cord, MN3005 based. Has input impedance mod. Perfect working order, traded Opto-tremolo; traded
  9. Reissue Deluxe Memory Man, original box and adapter. Perfect working order. MN3005 based. $325 shipped/Paypal'd. Opto-tremolo; basically one single channel of the Looker. True bypass, LED blinks at tremolo rate when effect on and turns off in bypass, Depth/Rate/Hard-Sift switch (wave shape), has a battery snap. Its marked "9VDC" but it can go up to 18VDC (max). Sounds amazing at 12V. $100 shipped/Paypal'd.
  10. ^ your Looker is cool - i love Burgs demos! Thanks!
  11. oh hai My stereo chain is SMMwH > Microverb > Looker with various distortion, fuzz, and analog delay before all that in mono.
  12. Ah the Ampegs that use 6BK11's in the pre-amp, yuck. They sound great, but those tubes are pretty hard to find sometimes. I converted my J-12 over to 12AX7. HNAD though!
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