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  1. Humbuckers without rings just look cheap. (Hey, we can save about 17c in production cost per unit if we leave these off!) Humbuckers on a strat look terrible. (Ain't no strat no more, sonny!) But humbuckers with rings on a strat is just sacrilege. (Iron Maiden. Says it all, really.)
  2. He'd be using modeling amps, modeling guitars, digital effects, MIDI, Floyd Roses, self-tuning robot guitars, and every other bit of innovative musical technology that cranky Hendrix traditionalists have been complaining about for the last 40 years. And he'd be on Twitter. As much as i like Hendrix, no. He'd be doing the exact same thing as his comtemporaries, namely playing the same notes over and over until the cows went home from being bored to death. And his tweets would be written by his record labels marketing people.
  3. Can't say anything specific about that exact amp - but as a general rule one should not disregard Marshall SS amps from the 80's. They can actually sound very good indeed - not the same as a big tube Marshall at gig volume, no - but they can certainly be nice sounding practice amps, and some are very good at what they do. Personally i have a "Marshall 75 reverb" which is an all SS channelswitcher with a celestion "Sidewinder" speaker in it. Not quite a tube amp, but it definitely gets a Marshall vibe going. And it could easily do a good Marshall impression at an impromptu jam...
  4. seriously? you guys are debating toilet seats? Well, taking the piss is serious matter...
  5. Apparently you didn't watch this. You might want to change your mind about the seat Ermmm, are you scared that the bacteria from the bowl will jump at you at every possible opportunity they get? Or are you talking about sitting down to piss? What are you trying to say with that link? Come on, it is simple - you and your buddies have a few beers/sodas/hard liquor/whatever (no decaf lattes, though) in your man cave and need to take a piss. This pisstaking is much facilitated by not having to think about the goddamn toilet seat. In a man cave at least you should be able to not have to be concerned about that?
  6. Looks pretty sweet. I'm about to setup my music room and was debating hanging the guitars on the wall. You've made it look pretty badass with staggering them high and low and then having the art there. Not a big fan of the pool table in the middle of the room, but if that's your thing, then that's awesome. Anyway, props to you for the hard work. Whatever. I always kept the lid down so my dog wouldn't drink out of the toilet. And, it wasn't because I was concerned about the level of chlorine in the water from the bowl cleaner. It was because I didn't want to step in a puddle of toilet drool water in the morning when I was half asleep. Fair reason, and since it appears that your dog was not small enough to drown in the toilet whilst drinking from it, we can assume it was a man's dog, right?
  7. Or maybe he didn't want to take a pic where you can see the inside of his toilet? Come on - it is a toilet. In a man cave. The seat is supposed to be up.
  8. bathroom Mancave? I am sorry, but as long as that toilet seat is down when not in use you are officially pussywhipped.
  9. Yeah, I agree on that one. After hearing a particular demo of EX8000 + MKS70, I was very surprised what it could do. They are perfect partners. The EX's rolling dark pads contrast beautifuly with the MKS's silky strings. Im wondering if the DWs will be added to the Legacy Edition at some point. I can't imagine that they can replicate that synth digitally. Or at least not any more than they have recreated their other analogues - the filter (or whatever in the design it is) does so much for the sound that sonically the digital aspect of this synth is comparatively small. I find these sounds Absolutely random non musical joystick manipulation of DW8000 and Filter sweeps demonstrate nicely what i mean. At least i would not necessarily describe these as digital sounding at all
  10. ...DW-8000 are the three of the worst sounding polys I've ever heard. I am shocked. Personally i find the 8000 to be surprisingly fat and analogue (
  11. Remember though, the RS7000 uses Yamaha lingo. ..... So you could easily have 4/4, 15/16,7/4,and 2/4 at varying lengths and at variable clock divisor ratio's all playing simultaneously in a single section in any given style at the same time. I just skipped the Yamaha lingo But thx for the confirmation.
  12. Yamaha RM1x and RS7000 can do any meter you want. Within reasonable limits. Apparently per track too, so you could (if you were so inclined) have several different meters running simultaneously.
  13. I'm going to be moving into an apartment in a couple of months and I don't think my neighbours would appreciate me blasting my 50 watt head . They probably won't appreciate you blasting a jack hammer at a distance of 1 m ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sound_pressure ) or being next door neighbours to a disco ( http://www.sengpielaudio.com/TableOfSoundPressureLevels.htm ) which is what one watt would give when played through a resonably efficient speaker.
  14. Not that many... All the stuff in my gear list Keys Roland Jupiter 4 Roland JX10 (Super JX) + PG800 programmer Roland JX10 (Super JX) (for sale) Korg DW8000 Kawai K5000S Rack Oberheim Matrix 6R Yamaha TG77 Waldorf Microwave XT (black) and then those that have gone for one reason or another in chronological order. Juno 106 Polysix D-50 (1 week only - it sucked) Alpha Juno 2 (died on me because i messed about with its insides) Jupiter 8
  15. Thank you, America! Once again, the world outside is watching you to learn what can be done and how. It is?
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