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  1. Ultimate, I have an Epiphone AJ-100 Acoustic/electric. it still has the factory strings which, I'm assuming, are medium? The setup seems pretty good, from what I've read - the strings are fairly close to the fret board so I'm not having to push overly hard (less than 1/4" - probably less than 1/8" actually). Other than that, the neck is straight with no bowing in any direction.... I'm trying to focus learning on 'medium' strings so that I do not get spoiled with light strings and then have to adjust everything for mediums down the road.
  2. Thanks everyone - glad to hear I'm not just guitar-challenged right out of the gates. That ghost chord practice sounds interesting, I'll give it a try. David.
  3. I've only just begun playing a few weeks ago and am working on finger strength and building up pads, etc. but the lesson program I'm working with is introducing C and G chords and I just can't seem to reach them? Is this common with beginners or am I digit-challenged? David.
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