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  1. The model looks like that: I found the picture on the internet, but they look very similar so I'm pretty sure it's the same model.
  2. The SP series is more expensive. I know you have to pay for quality but I don't want to pay 400$ each. Do anyone have other suggestions for good not too expensive speakers? On the other hand, if I can the price down to 300$ for the two pulse 15, is it a good move?
  3. I guess I'm gonna shop around a bit to get some price comparisons to get the seller to drop the price. He has new speakers so he doesn't want more speakers lying around. I saw Peavey PV 115 advertised at $239.95 new. They are 400W 8ohms. Are they good speakers? Either the seller drops the price or I might get the Peavey.
  4. Thanks Al, you pretty much ansered all my questions! Good to know about the two input/outputs... The guy asks 200$ (canadians) each for the speakers. They seem in very good order apart for a few very small dents in the front grill. Is that a good price?
  5. Hi, I got a couple of (easy for some people) questions about some speakers a friend wants to sell me. Keep in mind that they will be used mainly for basement jams with a full band, so I don't need expensive high-end equipment. They will be plugged in a powered mixer used for voice, acoustic guitar and drum machine. The speakers in question are a pair of Yorkville Pulse 15. Anyone know if they are good? I read on the net some comments and some people said they were crap. I know they are not top of the line but for the use I have for them, I don't want to spend too much on speakers. Also, on the back of the speaker, there are two inputs labeled "parralel input". What does that mean? Can I plug two things in it? My second question is about the mixer. I have a Alesis Gigamix 4FX. It has 200W and my speakers say 200W so there sould be no problems? Also, the mixer says that the speaker load should be 4ohms. The speakers are 8ohms. Can I damage anything? By the way, I tried them last week and the sound was good. I need to know if they are worth it or should I keep looking. Thanks!
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