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  1. thank you very much for that AluminumNeck. i will definitley work on those aspects. considering i am only 16, i would think that i would have a lot of time to learn and practice that. as far as the drum tracks, i recently started using ezdrummer instead of the drum voice on my keyboard (not to mention sounded absolutley abhorrent). SYN, i can agree that it is too boomy could this be a result of adding too much compression?
  2. That is essentially what mixing is. What was your old approach? well considering that when the old approach existed, i basically knew nothing about mixing and just changed random levels until it sounded ok to my inexperienced ears at that time. i started doing research and reading different sources, and i realized i had no idea what i was doing
  3. i started taking a new approach to mixing, as far as paying attention to each track, and also the relation between them. the first song on the link in my signature (called "The Storm") . if any professional mixers, or any other people have any suggestions, corrections, or things i am doing wrong, or could fix, it would be appreciated, thx
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