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  1. Try the "Lets Talk Guild" forum If there's a Guild for sale on ebay or CL anywhere, these guys spot it and give great advice. Sometimes members sell theirs as well. http://letstalkguild.com/phpBB2/search.php?search_id=active_topics&sid=d95f2748828c66b2d80333e269e6110e This is a cool site. Thanks for posting it fastblueheeler!
  2. Note: This item is now on eBay. See item #320488442205 if interested. Thank you.
  3. Buyer didn't come through with the cash. I'll keep it up here until probably the weekend, then it goes on eBay.
  4. I should mention that the Acoustic DSP preamp is an upgrade over the CT-4B preamp that is in the current model of GB7C.
  5. Regarding the price paid. This is about what I paid to have my Yamaha done. My luthier charges $75 for the setup alone, so the bone nut and saddle was only about another $40. Well worth it in my opinion, and if I had to replace the Yamaha LLX6 I'd have it done again in a heartbeat. Like the original poster, I was a little nervous about doing this since I thought the guitar already sounded really good. But it really did take the guitar to another level. I certainly don't regret it.
  6. Based upon my experience with my Yamaha (an LLX6), changing to a bone nut and saddle made a HUGE difference. It just radically improved the tone of the guitar. Of course, as Seagull player pointed out, the nut only makes a difference when you are playing an open string. But should you change the bridge saddle? Oh, yes! Most definitely. As for the price you quoted, I don't know what that kind of work goes for in your neck of the woods, but it seems like a pretty fair price to me for a good setup PLUS cutting and installing a new bone nut and saddle.
  7. I haven't spent a lot of time with the Epiphone's, so I don't have much to say about that. The ones I did try (briefly) didn't impress me all that much. I personally think the Alvarez Masterworks series are quite impressive guitars for the money. I came very, very close to purchasing an MD90, which was just an extraordinary guitar in just about every way. You didn't mention if you are looking for an acoustic/electric or a plain acoustic. If you are looking for an ac./elect., then the Alvarez would win hands down. The System 600 electronics package that come in those are quite nice. It's one of those piezo systems that uses the tone of the preamp to eliminate the "quackiness" of the piezo. It also lets you blend in a second source, either a mic or a soundhole p/u. A very flexible and powerful system. One thing I did notice about the Alvarez Masterworks series is that they don't seem to care much about getting a flawless piece of wood for the top. Most of the ones I looked at had noticeable flaws in the top wood. This does not personally matter to me. In fact, if a company is going to scrimp somewhere on a guitar, I'd rather have the ebony bridge and fingerboard, and bone saddles, and have a top that is perfectly fine tonally, but has a slight imperfection or two. I believe that this just shows that Alvarez has their priorities in proper order. But, I suppose that might bother some folks. Brad
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