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  1. 2002 Music123 exclusive Made in Korea. Mahogany body with maple top (Like a Les Paul) covered pearloid. Set Mahogany neck Buzz Feiten Tuning System VCC coil blending removed for standard full size pots. I will include the VCC stuff although it won't fit back in as the holes in the body have been enlarged for real pots. I had Seymour Duncan pickups in it, but removed them and put the stock pickups back in. I can include a Seymour Duncan Custom Humbucker for the bridge for $30 extra 3 way switch is a Switchcraft unit that is a bit tarnished like gold hardware does, also have a black tip Grover tuners. Nice guitar, plays way way better than Epiphones, and I prefer it to lower end Gibsons (Feels like an SG) Neck is thin, fretboard is flat 16" I believe. 22 frets. Super light weight. Super comfortable. between 50 and 300 of these things were made. It is similiar to a WI64DL in how it is appointed. Its in good shape, the only issue is that the guitar has had lots of pickups in it over the years and has been to some less than stellar shops, So there is a lot of extra solder on the pots and the leads on the stock pickups are slightly hacked up but it works. Everything can be cleaned up if you have the time. $350 picked up $380 with Seymour Duncan Custom Humbucker included. Will trade for a Strat or a Tele
  2. I have a Blackheart 1x12 cab with a Warehouse Veteran 30 speaker (Celestion Vintage 30 clone). One rip in the tolex and has a sticker I got from Mike Watt on the side. Great little cabinet but I have no room and no amps that use 16 ohms anymore. $80 plus shipping or local pickup in Chester County, PA
  3. FRV1 SOLD MXR 10 Band EQ. Lightly used. Velcro on bottom. No power supply. Takes 18V but I've run it on 9V. $60 shipped.
  4. While I love this guitar dearly, I really can't justify having such an expensive guitarr. I will sell it for less than what I have into it. $1200 I am only really interested in a local sale (sePA, DC Metro, NYC). I am free on weekends to meet up. If no interest here, I will try the local craigslist. This is a very unique guitar and IMHO is the perfect Jaguar. It still sounds the part of a Jaguar on clean, but it can play some super chunky overdrive. 1999 AVRI Jaguar Olympic White faded to a nice creame. Some nicks on the body but it is an 11 year old guitar. Neck is nice and not sticky. Mastery Bridge G&L Soapbar MFD pickups from a ASAT Special with 250k pots, cloth wiring with G&L spec'd wiring. Rhythm circuit is on there but not functional Pickguardian tort pickguard The mute is on there but not functional. I had to drill it out to make it fit over the Mastery Bridge. The routes aren't hacked but they aren't perfect. I didnt get the bottom of the routes smooth because I didn't feel like removing the brass shielding to do so. But it can be cleaned up easy. Comes with original G&G case, hangtags, tools for the mastery and packaging for the mastery, original bridge plate and saddles.
  5. Both Black, both come with original boxes. Fairly long leads. $60 a piece shipped. Or both for $110 shipped.
  6. Build Your Own Clone. Analog Voiced Digital Delay. This is a discontinued pedal. It uses the same delay chip as the current Digital Echo & Ping Pong, the PT2399. It has been professionally assembled and modified to 600ms of delay time. The PT2399 chip is used in lots of boutique delays such as the ModTone MTAD Vintage Analog Delay Pedal and the Wampler Analog Echo Delay Pedal. The enclosure is painted red and has some chips. $70 shipped in the USA
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