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  1. Hello All, I am attempting to figure out what microphone is being used here as well as what is on the end of the mic? Is it just a pop filter? http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/la-et-ms-stagecoach-2015-merle-haggard-sturgill-simpson-time-jumpers-tour-bus-20150424-story.html Thanks.
  2. Hello, I am starting to put together a rack for my wireless units. I have hit a little snag on parts and pieces. I am looking at doing a 3U rack for my following units: Galaxy AS900-T (in ears) Sennheiser EW 100 G3 (mic) Getting the untis in the rack is not a problem. The issue i am seeing is that they are both rear antennae systems. How can i get the antennaes to the front. Also, how would i go about powering both? A power strip in the rack? Thanks, Tyler
  3. please excuse any of my grammar and or spelling mistakes.
  4. I think the shows are going to all IEMs now due to the Stage production fact of all of it. You set a lead singer up at center stage with wedges, but they are all over the stage and the mix isnt the same. Give them IEMs and get a constant mix. The problem is, NBC's sound crew obviously sucks. There has been too many of the singers taking their monitors out during their performance. As to Blake, he has just recently become a part of the Nashville machine so to speak. His older stuff was absolutely awesome. His sound has just kind of changed as the genre has started changing. In a world of a lot of POP COUNTRY and "fake" country singers. You sometimes have to adjust to what's selling. As a country artist myself, there is some stuff I absolutely dispise playing on stage, but, it is mainstream and folks love it. Especially the females. Even if you listen to some of George Strait's new stuff, it isnt signature George. I honestly didnt buy the last album because of the sound of it. Now mind you, songs are still going number one and he is helping his son's career by writing songs with him and putting them on the radio, but george isnt at his best right now, IMO. Alan Jackson to me is an example of someone who has stayed honky tonk, if you will, all the way through. His new single is even more of a throwback to his old stuff. Just my two cents. Blake is a great artist, but i do agree that this show might not be the best thing for his career. Even if your are better than anyone out there, that much exposure will push sales at first but quickly tire people out. Mainly why artist have to put out an album a year. The radio plays the piss out of these records until people cant stand it anymore. It needs to go back to the days when artist made RECORDS, not SINGLES. There is nothing I love more than being able to sit down, pop in a cd, and listen all the way through and never want to change a song. As controverisal as he is, Eric Church does a great job of this nowadays.
  5. Blake very rarely wears IEMs. HE is actually a great vocalist. I think NBC sound crew is pretty shotty. There is always an overpowering of the backup singers over the lead vocal. Listen to his cover of "Goodbye Time" to really hear his vocals. While I think reality shows are career suicide for an artist, this seems to be working in his favor. I do not believe however, that you put Tim McGraw in the great vocalist catagory. McGraw uses so much auto tune it ought to be illegal. While McGraw is a great performer and chooses great songs, a great vocalist he is not. But as it was mentioned, most Male Country Singers (Nowadays, at least) are not vocal giants. Blake has good team around him and a knack for picking good songs. Couple that with weekly TV exposure, your bound to have a good career.
  6. here's another link for "Tough" _ This is the songs writers cut: http://www.ourstage.com/play/track/BWVECDLLRZNP-tough
  7. Hey guys... I am looking to add two new songs to my live shows but I suck at picking stuff up by ear. If y'all could help me with the chords to a couple tunes i would greatly appreciate it. I have a video link for one and audio for other. Justin Moore- You Won't Take My Gun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvIGSj-JqJw here is the audio. The Song is called "Tough" http://www.imeem.com/people/PsQKVL6/music/lEnFOW6_/justin-mcbride-tough/ If y'all could help me out with the chord progressions I would greatly appreciate it. I am trying to learn this, but I am not there yet. Thanks
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