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  1. Cort Mix-10 'Integrated Amplifier System' - footswitchable distortion, analog delay, and chorus, full time compressor, headphone and stereo outs, accepts boss type adapter. The chorus is unique and weird, and the analog delay and distortion are pretty cool. - $50 Ibanez PT9 Phaser - missing battery cover, works fine, subtle phase if you're not into the whole overwhelming phaser thing. $55 Dano Tuna Melt - everyone knows about this pedal, bought new in box, still in good shape - $20 DOD Mini Chorus, nice Small Clone style chorus in MXR type housing, speed & depth controls, early 80s or earlier - $80 Crate SPA-200 Power amp, presence and volume controls for both channels, either stereo 4 ohm outputs (100w/side) or bridged 8 ohm output(200w), parallel line outputs and damping switch. Good power amp, just looking to go with something else. $100 Yamaha G-231 nylon string acoustic guitar, nato neck, cedar top, rosewood board, nice sound with good overdriven characteristics when leaned into. Comes with a cheapie acoustic case. $150 might be willing to trade for an SX SJM-62 or other low end electrics, maybe a good steel string acoustic, Crate PowerBlock head, microphones, or make an offer. Prices plus shipping if required. Located on Long Island, NY beer_heart@yahoo.com
  2. Originally posted by ElectricImages haha hey wait, I remember that. The like "I can totally afford to rent a place / have family in the area but I'd rather save the money and live out of my car" story? How about "didn't have any money, car died, family wouldn't help me, and got out of the damn situation myself"? Glad to see you're still paying close attention, bub. I'm glad that berating some random person in a bad situation was amusing for you. Typical spoonfed, useless suburban asshole response - waiting around and looking for someone to come along and try to degrade to make yourself feel better about your own pathetic life. I suppose I'm supposed to feel bad, somehow awed by your superior credit rating and 'certified used' beige automatic Camry, and a bunch of other internet retards that have nothing better to do than pat you on the back for asserting some supposed superiority over someone you've never met and know nothing about. The funny thing is, yeah, a year ago I had to sleep on the streets, but I've since rectified my problem; you, however, have remained an asshole on the lookout for the cheap shot, and I doubt you've seen any significant evolution of whatever it is you're about in the same period of time. I love coming here and watching a bunch of fat, contented, semi-educated retards delude themselves that they're anything special because they came up with some half-witty response to a piece of text and buy expensive pieces of equipment that are never going to be heard by anyone but your (uninterested) dog. Why don't you go buy something you don't have the money for (whatever anyone may say about what I've acquired in my life - as though that were proof of anything - I've never had to use other people's money or 'credit' to get it. Can you say the same?) as a salve for the realization that you're going to live your life as a slave to ideas you barely understand, that you're acquiring credit so you can go on vacations to make up for the fact that you never had the balls to go on a real journey of discovery, and revel in the fact that the standards have been lowered to a point that even an obvious peice of {censored} like yourself can feel as though he's actually accomplishing something with his wasted existance. I, meanwhile, have {censored} to do and non-assholes to interact with. Tah.
  3. Transmission was the one I ended up not liking, but then again that was around 2000 or so - I didn't like the Beatles or Portishead back then either. I think one of the problems is that Triptych on weren't even released in the US as far as I know. I was contemplating ordering it online (worked at a record store at the time and couldn't get it) but ended up losing interest. Actually, 'heaven coming down' was the only thing I heard about it, and I wasn't impressed - seemed like the weak radio song that the record company wanted - I'm assuming - to kill any chance of the album becoming a success. Happens all of the time - the radio tracks are almost never the interesting ones by most 'good' bands I'm a fan of. A little off-topic, perhaps, but a good example of this is 'Wait and Bleed' by Slipknot. If you listen to the radio version, it's pretty weak - the album version blows it away, and it's just the lead vocal style that's different at all. There wasn't even anything in the lyrics changed - no '{censored}'s edited out or anything, and they still insist on playing this version on radio for some unknown reason. Probably the only time I've seen this in reverse was KSE's 'The End of Heartache' - the radio version was actually a lot better than the album version because they cut a lot of the hardcore-style crappiness out of it, which was probably added in because they can't have some meathead in western Mass thinking they 'sold out' by actually writing a good song. I guess they're 'too {censored} to admit they're pussies', to quote Chino Moreno.
  4. Originally posted by TIKIROCKER Ya got it all wrong Wilbo .. Mayo is the 5th month in Irish. Muff is a {censored}. Mojo is spirit. Java is off the coast of OZ. TR2 is counterpart to C3PO. WH1 is a London post code. TS9 is TR2's mother in Star Wars mythology. I thought TR2 was an old Triumph roadster? My mistake... Anyway, why the hell does everyone want a bunch of total strangers who've never heard you play to look at a signal chain and go, 'Wow! Cool!' I just don't get it. Does it make it sound better when you go back and play through the exact same equipment, somehow, than before BigBalla1987 gave you 'props'? It's not as though there's going to be some kind of scientific panel headed by Stephen Hawking with absolute evidence that YOUR rig is going to sound way better with an OD1 instead of a TS9 or whatever-the-{censored}. It's a guitar, an amp, and some pedals. Go make some noise (better yet, music) with it instead of wasting your time here looking for a virtua-pat-on-the-back.
  5. Originally posted by DonaldDemon Ok, I'm no goth aficianado like the dude above but somehow this band strikes me as goth-like: The Tea Party. As a guitarist, you should really dig them as Jeff Martin is an an excellent player. I also love the fact that they are a 3-piece. Their earlier stuff was more classic rock / Led Zep like but their later albums got more dark and goth-like. Just don't buy their newest album. It's crap. Everyother one kicks major ass. You'll thank me. I still have Spledor Solis and the other early one collecting dust in my collection somewhere. I was into them for a while but eventually the whole 'Jim Morrison singing with Led Zep' thing just became tiring. The guy is definately talented but not very original - it seems he just read about some of the stuff Zep sung about, sang it in baritone and never did any of the drugs (or anything but practice, practice, practice - always a recipe for rote, boring {censored}). The later album (or two?) that was semi-industrial didn't strike me as anything special, just him trying to shake the stigma of being a classic rock rip off. Too bad - Wolfmother is making a killing right now sounding like they were a 70's rock cover band that got too stoned and started mixing up the parts of different songs. The Tea Party would come off like geniuses now. The last cd I heard of theirs, when it was new, was 'Triptych' and I wasn't very moved, either positively or negatively. But whatever - I'm a Type O fan (and a Monster Magnet fan), and in the wrong company that's a recipe for ridicule, so what do I know.
  6. I remember hearing about Echo Park the last time I was living in LA, that it was supposed to be the 'next Silver Lake', ie the next place to get renovated and turned into a haven for those on the cheap - for probably a whole two weeks before word got out and it got swamped, but hey... I've always liked Venice myself, but anywhere near the water is $$$. Traffic sucks just about anywhere you go - I was pulling my hair out when I got to Melbourne two years ago, because the traffic sucked - and I thought I was getting away from it. Whatever, I try to keep my daytime consciousness to a minimum anyway. NYC, to me at least, is cool in small doses but I really just can't stand having 10 million or so humans swarming around me like two legged cockroaches 24 hours a day. LA has just about as many people but it just doesn't smack you in the face as hard as NYC. Besides, I like cars, and NYC is probably the worst place in the country to be if you're a car-lover. Cool. If it isn't 'better' than Long Island, at least it will be more interesting, and that's a step in the right direction.
  7. Whee. I found out they just recently raised smog exemption to 75 and earlier cars, too. Let's hear it for tossing a bone to the severely marginalized!
  8. How is it out there? I'm moving back next month. I've grown tired of the east coast, and NYC was never my deal anyway. I haven't been hearing much about the west coast lately - how's the job market? Any rumblings about the Hollywood Machine going on strike or anything? (I'm planning on working as an extra part time out there, so if anyone does that and wants to fill me in on the goings-on, cool.) Stuff like that. Before anyone whines about 'it sucks out here', guess what - it sucks everywhere. Life sucks. Get used to it. Frankly, if it's going to suck anyway, I say my life may as well suck in LA. Better than it sucking on Long Island, that's for sure.
  9. I don't really classify Type O as goth, and really, so much the better. I like pretty much everything but their first and last albums. Bauhaus is cool stuff, early in the scene - much like hardcore, Goth was much better early on before it got all formulaic. That's more or less all I have to say about it - mostly, trying to recommend a 'good goth' band is like asking, "are there any emo/screamo bands that aren't made up of sissies whining about old girlfriends?" And The Cure is gayer than Rob Halford in full leather attire getting sodomized by Richard Simmons.
  10. Remanned iPod shuffle 1gig - 79 bucks at the apple store. Refurbs kick ass! 10 bucks more than a 512k model new. Full warranty. I like that you can use it as a pocket drive, too. It's not techically in the mail yet - it's in a shipping container until Thursday or so - but I can't wait for my new set of coilovers for my 93 SE-R. I'm going to be making those stock 185-60-R14s scream for mercy .
  11. If it were me, I'd do what I did and go Tech 21 Tri-A.C. and pedals. Get a pedalboard from Rondo and if you're somewhat reasonable (I'm not) your board will probably be no more cumbersome than a Pod Live or whatever (mine is about the size of a bass case with the lid on). There are great amp sounds to be had in the Tech 21, and why settle for what comes stock on a multieffect? Good luck finding a chorus that does Small Clone, much less anything more esoteric than that. I don't have any pics yet, but here's my setup right now: Guitar - Whirlwind ABY A - Tech 21 Tri AC - Crate power amp - 4x12 B - T.O. Crybaby, Digitech Whammy RI, SynthWah, DOD Classic Fuzz, DOD Digital Turbo Distortion, og Rat, Tri AC #2, Arion Stereo Chorus, Tuna Melt, DigiDelay, Boss TU-2 - Crate power amp side B - 4x12. Add a cheap $40 Morley ABY to recombine the two paths, and this can be routed to any SS amp that does clean, loud, and flat - it's basically acting as a power amp. I was using a Peavey Renown 2x12 combo and it worked very nicely - a bonus is that a lot of those old, cheap, SS amps had dual inputs so an ABY at the end of the board isn't necessary. (I suppose you could try a Y cable, too, but I'm not sure it would work the same). The reason I have my board set up like that is so I can run any combination of effects I want (or all of them if I so desire) and switch back and forth between a dry clean or distorted sound and effects with one stomp. I can run both an effected signal and a dry one at the same time, and if I want I can just use the two TriACs to create layered tones (say, Mesa and Marshall) in real time, anytime I want. I have far more options than I know what to do with and I'm just getting my feet wet with the possibilities, but I no longer have to wonder what that part would sound like with a delay and tremolo or whatever. If I have to switch a bunch of effects on for a chance, I have all verse to do so at my leisure. DI recording is easy, and so is going to jam withsomeone else's amp - as long is it does loud, clean, and flat, I only need the board and my guitar. And I'm not stuck with what Line 6 thinks I need for a chorus or delay. All told, I have less than a thousand in the whole thing - cables, case, and power supply included. I'm thinking about getting one of those small Crate heads just to be able to have the same mobility and only have to worry about finding a cab to plug into in a less-than-ideal situation. Oh, and btw, the distortion tones on the Tri AC kick ass. Anyone who says it's unusable (I've seen such accusations) probably sat there, made the same eq 'face' as he did on his Marshall or Fender or Mesa or whatever, and it didn't sound the same so he walked away. If you used the eq controls and your ears dialing in a sound is easy, especially if you read the manual and thus know that, for instance, the presence is increased with the gain on the Marshall circuit. The signal path is analog, too, so not only are the tones right but the feel is right too, not wooden and lifeless like most of the amp sims I've used. I've jammed with rhythm sections and other guitarists who have a fortune in 'real' gear and not one of them ever had a problem with my tones. It might not be for everyone, but it sure works for me .
  12. Back in 96 or so, DOD Supra Distortion for 40 bucks at a pawn shop (too much then, or or at any other time). I haven't played through too many truly worthless distortion pedals, but this is one, for sure. They should have called it the DOD "Ass-on-a-stick" and left the name of a fine line of automobiles unsullied.
  13. Originally posted by TimmyP I can't stand UK and other dark beers, even if they are properly chilled (I keep my fridge below 36). Right now I'm drinking Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. Sissy. I love european-style beer. It seems that the only good 'american' beer seems to inevitably be an attempt at copying something from across the pond. This stretches as far as Mexico and China: Dos Equis and Tsingtao were both started by Germans. And it shows - good stuff. The only problem I have with Guinness is that we don't get the real stuff over here (unless it's that extra stout stuff, which I'll have to go try). Less alcohol than the stuff they sell everywhere else (kind of like being into foreign cars - they don't sell many of the truly kick ass ones here, and when they do, they're usually watered down). Sam Adams is ok. If I want that, though, McSorley's is very close for like 5.49 a six pack instead of 7.99. At that price, I'll drink Heineken, Corona, or anything else I like instead - I can't really remember the last time I bought Sam Adams, but it was probably at a bar that had like, that, Bud, and Coors Lite. I'm surprised that there haven't been more piss-water whiners (no, Timmy, not picking on you) complaining about the thickness of Guinness. I don't think it does well in this country because everyone wants a thin, light, ice cold beer (or so it might seem) - which is fine in it's place, although I'll usually take a Tecate or Corona for that. Guiness is a beer that takes a little effort - pour it right, in a glass, and you have to pay attention and get the 'cream' of the head mixed in with the black for the good taste - the pure black stuff has it's appeal but I can say it's not for everyone. Meanwhile, most of the people in this country, they go to a bar, ask for a Bud in a bottle, and that's about the end of the thought process. Dammit, now my Irish chromosomes are in an uproar and Guinness must be had! Mmm... Guinness and haze bong hits...the proper way to kick off a morning of 'I did what, now?'
  14. Is that supposed to be gopher smack-talk or something?
  15. Zach managed to get his iMPAMP reviewed in this month's edition of Playboy. The one with the very misleading pic of Jessica Alba on the cover (not even a goddamned boob! ). Congrats, Zach!
  16. I'm interested to see whether this guy will have people jumping down his throat like they did to me when my gear was stolen. Probably not. After all, from the sound of things, this guy has a home to go to. I didn't at the time, which I guess is license for all manner of assholes to get their rocks off chastising me for not only getting my gear stolen, but for living in my car too! I don't know - maybe the financial loss will negate the having a home thing and this guy will get kicked when he's down, too. I love people. Sorry to hijack the thread, and my condolences to this guy for his loss. It's my feeling that if a musician steals gear from another musician, knowing personally what it takes to acquire it, when caught he should have a nice blanket party. Just for starters.
  17. How you doin', Jimi? How's the wife? Nice pic - I see you've donated your locks already. I remember when I cut my hair, it must be strange for you - drafts sneak up on you from out of nowhere!
  18. Kick ass. I'm glad I waited - I was going to pick up an extra large pedalboard from Rondo the week before xmas, but they wanted your order in before I got my paycheck in order to get it by the holiday. So I said {censored} it and got a digital camera instead that week. I went back the next week, and they finally started selling a 'huge' version of the pedalboard. It arrived yesterday, and it's just big enough for what I currently have. I'm going to take it to a jam this weekend and see how the back row of pedals fares as far as access goes - I might have to make a riser out of wood or something to make them easier to get to. I didn't bring my camera with me, but I'm running things as follows: Guitar - T.O. Crybaby - Whammy 4 - SynthWah - DOD Classic Fuzz - DOD Digital Turbo Distortion - Tri A.C. - Arion SCH-1 - Tuna Melt - DigiDelay - TU-2 - Peavey Renown, or whatever is available. Much, much, much nicer than having all of my pedals in a bag. And a hell of a lot better than my home-made attempt, and only slightly more costly. What I'd like to do is get a second Tri A.C. so I can do my dry/effected stereo path again with my A/B/Y switch. I have enough room to reconfigure the order and fit it all in, or I can just throw the second Tri AC and ABY in there and have to wire up all of two pedals to get my rig going. Right now, though, I'm looking at getting them all powered - my Boss daisy chain sucks for this setup. However, as long as I can get the DigiDelay and SynthWah powered, it's all gravy - those pedals suck down batteries like you wouldn't believe. Down the road, I think I'm going to add a Crate PowerBloc - buy a long speaker cable, and as long as I have a speaker cab at the rehearsal/studio/gig, I'm good to go. This is an ideal setup for having to go into NYC to gig, jam, or rehearse - just grab the board and a guitar and go. Rondo Music kicks ass. You heard it here 2,342,891st.
  19. Holy {censored}...I'm {censored}ed! Seriously, the way some people react in this forum, I'm surprised I haven't been banned for giving someone a heart attack yet .
  20. I played an MIJ model, triple-lipstick, that was really nice, at least unplugged. They also made models with humbuckers and other style pickups. Ibanez, in general, is usually - but not always - a fairly safe bet. Unless it's MIJ, in which case it's likely terrific. Ok, I'm biased. I've been playing an 89 MIJ RG550 for 8 years now. Sue me.
  21. Actually, I've got to say that I like 'The Walls of Your House Are Skin'. I'd suggest you use it, or it might get stolen by someone on the internet.
  22. Originally posted by ActionJackson Damn, I was gonna go there cause it looked {censored}ing rad but, I guess i'll just get some chicken and waffles instead. Don't get me wrong - the Sunset store is definately a cool place to go check out - it's like an aircraft hanger stuffed with gear. Joe Perry always likes to go there to check out the vintage room, can't be too bad. In the six weeks I was an employee there, the following celebs (as far as I'm aware - likely there were more) came in: Joe Perry Rob Zombie Stevie Wonder Tricky Jessica Alba (as hot as she is, well, anywhere, she's REALLY hot from three feet away ) That guy in the wheelchair from Dark Angel, they were dating at the time (sold him a POD) A few Ozzfest second-stage level bands came in. Sold the guys from Otep some stuff. Also, that dork who designed those weird {censored}ing five-string guitars that came out when 7 strings were hot (he ran some ads in guitar magazines claiming he invented the 7 string, which is patently ludicrous, considering that they existed before the 80's when he claims he 'invented' his). Plugged his 'creation' into a Marshall stack to demo it for the guy involved in buying new gear to sell, and sounded like a truckload of ass. Just god-awful. It's a fun place to go, an awful place to work.
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