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  1. For what I paid, and what they get for them new, a unit with the Bigsby is a winner. Unfortunately, I never see the Sidejacks with Bigsby for sale, and I have no experience with Burns Tremelo, although people seem to like those. I ran into this one by accident, and offered what I thought was a lowball price. He took it. It also seems that the Fender style trems are not doing so well, as per a lot of comments on blogs and such. This is the only one I have seen with a Bigsby, and by golly, it's a really nice unit that sets up well and plays loud and proud.
  2. brzozowski321

    Line 6 AX2

    For what I paid, for what this is, it was way ahead of it's time. It is still a very relevant amp for 2010. Looking today in the $300 range for both amp and big Floorboard, this is still a steal. People paid almost three times that back in 2001/2002. I like the throwback sounds, the ease of moving about the amp, the amount of control on the floorboard. No other amp that I own gives me that. I understand that any company has to move on, but this unit is almost timeless. This made a great platform for Line 6 to build on, but it's almost like a one-hit wonder. How do you follow it? My recommendation: If you find one in relatively good condition with the big floorboard, buy it. For the cost of a beginner guitar, you will not be sorry.
  3. First of all, I think I would have a hard time giving somebody $700 for a Chinese built guitar. But this is a triple humbucker Gretsch, with a set neck and a nice body. The controls are still out in the jury. Obviously, somebody didn't like it much, because it had all that dust on it around the pickups. GC wiped off the body, but under the stings it was just closet dusty. That means somebody didn't use it, or didn't like it, or maybe got it as a present and dumped it. Either way, it didn't get played, so whomever was not thrilled with it. I happen to like the bright, clear, tele sound, and if I want to darken it up, I'll put in a pedal or two. The three buckers are somewhat unique and pretty powerful when you dial it in. I think the color is too neutral, and the racing stripes are like having stickers on your guitar. Not a fan. But the triple sound, for a Gretsch in mint condition, for $269, I'll take that deal all day long. I think they will make this unit for 24-30 months, and then it will dissapear. Will it gain in value? Only if Patrick Vaughn Stump does something memorial, or writes the next 10 million seller, or lasts as long as a Buddy Guy. And that nasty little "Made in China" decal on the back of the headstock will always be there. Buy one used? Yes. New? Not a chance.
  4. Who knew? Hohner put stacked coil singles in a fairly cheap guitar designed in Germany and built in Korea. With the beautiful finish, the mean sound, and the five positions to play with, this thing can do it all now. Probably sounds better and is easier to tame than it originally was with the capacitor box. If you have one of these, or come across one, tear out the box and stack them coils to turn your Hohner Strat copy into a raging three humbucker killer!!!
  5. I am thrilled with this find. I really don't know if these bring some of the prices seen on e-Bay and other places. One guy has this exact same model up for $1200 as I write this, others seem to be in the $500-600 range. Some reviewers have paid more. I think I stole it for $150. Dealer even threw in a Fender gig bag. For a Japanese made copy of the most famous guitar in the world, Shokai did pretty good. No wonder Fender hired him. Mine is in the 85%-90% category, condition wise. It's exactly what you would expect. Three fairly hot pickups in a dead-on strat body. The three way switch kind of surprises you, but putting it gently in a position where two pickups are on, I don't see a great improvement in sound, so I don't miss positions 2 and 4. I thought the bridge pickup was way too tinny until I put it into a class A tube amp and cranked it with some overdrive. Then it sounded like it would have in 1976, when almost everything was tube. Just great. Really glad I found it, plan on keeping it.
  6. brzozowski321

    S101 EHL24

    Based on price, looks, and eventual playability after my little upgrades, this is a really nice guitar to play. I might mention that it is so big that it is a little hard to play sitting down, for those coffee shop afternoon set people who sit at a stool with a small amp. Any Country and Western band, a REAL Country and Western band should welcome an instrument like this somewhere in their set. If you are in a Country Band that also does some rock, this will be a tighter fit. And if you are into jazz or blues, this is almost a must, especially since you won't be as heartbroken if it got stolen or broken, since it is usually under $300. If you find one, buy it. You will not regret it. Compared to a LOT of $250-300 units, this is an absolute steal.
  7. I've wanted one of these for a long time. Actually, any older Dan with three pickups. But I kept hesitating to pay someone $450 and up for a nice one. I thought my Rouge Triple Lipstick would do the trick, but I rarely played it. When this came up in one of my local Pawn Shops, I jumped on it for $275 out the door with gig bag. It's cool, cool, cool. You don't see them that often from this issue, (99-2001) I got the wonderful metalflake black. I'm not too fond of the aqua colored ones, or even the white ones. With new strings, this is a charmer, and easy to play. The 7th string takes some adjustment, but for us 6 stringers, it is just new things to learn. The neck is surprisingly easy to barre. It's got a lot to offer for the money. It makes a really good addition to any person with GAS!! I would buy it again in a heartbeat, but I bet I never see another for $275 unless it is really beat up.
  8. Almost two years ago I started looking for a lipstick guitar, really wanting a Dan. But the pricing was a little silly for me. A lot of dealers pushing those 2008/2009 reissues which are not Dans in my mind but some kind of cheap guitar that I just resisted. My local GC is still trying to clear out the last reissue. What junk. I ended up picking up one of those Rogue triple lipstick units (mahogany body, grover tuners, metalflake finish), that were out there until early 2009, and I thought I was happy. Then I saw and played the real thing, (or at least the last real reissue), and my Rogue, well, I don't know what will happen to that. It's out of production and rising a little, maybe I'll keep it. It also feels like a rock after picking up a real Dan. These 7 string units are capable of keeping up with a Strat sound wise, and I think it sounds purer than my G&L Legacy Tribute. As a matter of fact, only my Epiphone Les Paul Special Standard sounds more bluesy. My Hagstrom F20 and Super Swede are also more bluesy. I think if you see a Mod 6 or Mod 7 somewhere in good shape, buy it if you can get it for less than $325. It's a climber in worth. Remember people were paying $99 for these in 2001, now you are hard pressed to find a good one for less than $325, some mint units hit $450 and up. Danguitars.com currently has a mint one of these for $499. And he will sell it. It's almost like the last two reissues, which were both total dogs, have pushed the 99-2001 units up in price. Fine with me. I feel blessed I found this 2000 Mod 7 for $275 in mint condition.
  9. This is just perfect for what it is, and in all honesty, the 40 watts is more than enough. I find myself not even trying to turn on my other amps. I have not turned on my Crate Palomino since buying this amplifier. My Peavey Delta Blues sits like a black hunk, like the mop in the swiffer commercials. And that's got a tremelo! And I think it may be a while before any of my other amps get turned on, I like this thing so much. Clean just doesn't do it justice. Super clean, blues, nice breakup, it's all there in spades. I would sell almost every other amp I have before letting this go, should the world fail. If you find one used, and it works well, buy it. And if you're shopping new, before you buy a botique amp for lots more, go test ride one of these to make sure you want to drain your wallet more than what a new one of these cost.
  10. This is just a great guitar for the price, new or used. It's been around for quite a few years now, which is saying something in this economy. It fits into a gigging musician's budget, plays like a dream, sounds good to great, and is well matched to the Fishman Clearwave. And to top it off, it looks like a much more expensive unit. Just put a capo over that S mark on the headstock and the world will think you have a really expensive guitar in your hands, if that bothers you.
  11. I wanted a G&L for quite a while. Wanted a Comanche, but when this came along at this nutty price, $225 for a guitar that wasn't even one year old, plus matching gigbag, I couldn't pass it up. I believe these are $499 new. After the setup and minor wood repair, I really, really like the finish, and the sound is OK. Not great, but good enough that I can do what I need to with pedals and amps. If I lost it, I'd go after a Comanche. I'm not fond of the thick finish, but I see the use in it. Finding out that I am more of a gearhead than a player. Building my own now.
  12. I think this is soon to be discontinued, if not already. There are still units floating on eBay, and Oscar Schmidt has them on the website, but they are discontinued in a lot of major online dealers, and others are mentioning limited quantities. I believe this will be one of those that in the next few years, gains in value over the original purchase price. Might even be worth $4-500 in 5-7 years. Especially the clear maple units. They are just beautiful and you almost never see them for sale anywhere. Always the black.
  13. Bought it used for $350 based on the sound. Cannot complain. Have a number of amps, all different types, but this one is definitely my blues amp. I'm really glad I picked it up. I'd look for another if I lost it, but I'd want the twin 10". I have larger speakers in my other tube amp, (Crate Palamino), and it is harder to get crisp definition. (You can, by the way, plug in external speakers but I believe they have to add up to 16 Ohms.) What I love about it is the definite blues sound, with clarity for the old time blues, and the incredible ease of getting to the tubes. Also, the chicken head knobs are nice, as is the nice, bright red On light. I don't hate anything about it, but do dislike the rear mounted contols, and the lack of a standby switch, plus the white paint they used for control numbers on the chrome control panel. Should have been black. But that's all kind of nit-picky. Overall, if you find one, try it out. It gives a few Fenders a run for the money, and is a LOT cheaper.
  14. A friend of mine who runs a used music store got one of these in a couple months ago, green with P-90's. Sold it for $425 in about a week, no case. When I found this and got the girl down to $300, I just could not let it go. This is one of those units that you will reach for all the time when you play. Been playing a couple years, becoming more of a gearhead than a player. Love to find out of production, great units that have a chance of gaining in value. Also building my own now. Only thing I think it needs is maybe a second volume. Stolen, I would hunt another, but I think I would have to look a while. Love the tobacco burst now that I've seen a couple other colors. Love the body thinness, the archtop. Hate the fact that if you accidently push down too hard on a knob, it will cut into the finish the next time you turn it. May look into gold speed knobs. I choose it for the price and rarity. My goodness, if you find one of these, buy it.
  15. This unit is still available for $179 from Amazon, or $129 from a couple of no-name retailers coat-tailing off Amazon. Either way, you are buying the pup humbuckers because the rest of the guitar is low-rent. You can have your pick of black, red or blue. Stolen I'd get something else. Love the pickups, hate the neck heavy, hate the single controls. Love the bridge. Simple, strings go right through, tons of sustain. I'm a gearhead, now working with guitars more than playing them. Expensive hobby. Own too many. I chose it because the lady in the pawn shop did everything she could to sell it to me. So I got it for $50, which may or may not be a bargain. Once I got the dust off, I'd rate it mint condition, if you could ever rate a low-end First Act mint.
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