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  1. Sell the flashback outright or trade for a Earthquaker Dispatch Master delay/reverb?
  2. FOR SALE: Line 6 DL4. Mods: stripped/relic'd paint, new switches, white LEDs for the 3 settings, volume mod (to kill the volume drop when engaged). $225 shipped in the CONUS. Paypal is good. PLEASE NOTE: This is a personal pedal, personal mod, personal sale...not Fuzzrocious-related.
  3. Pulled these out of my newly acquired crappy 2000/2001 Fender P MIM. $35 shipped and insured in the CONUS. Note: there are two gouges in each p'up (pcitured) that do not affect tone or the pickup of sound.
  4. Ampeg SVT CL. USA made. Just got out of the shop to repair tons of issues that the previous owner screwed up. Up and running. She's a beauty!!! I can't afford two amps anymore, so off she goes! $900 plus buyer and I will split shipping via UPS. Discount for local pickup.
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