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  1. Well, I bought the Levine Jazz Theory book as a result of the discussion in this thread. I think it is an excellent book, and it has some excellent material in it I had been aware of. It has many new ideas and concepts I'll be working over for some time. Yet I feel it is incomplete. I think Ted Greene's criminally neglected (in this thread that is) "Chord Chemistry" should be used as a companion volume to Mark Levine's book. Most of what I know of theory comes from Greene's book and "The Jazz Language" by Dan Hearle.
  2. The Residents are {censored}ing great! ..everything about that band is peculiar though, not just the guitar solo's Agreed. I'm a huge fan, myself. But that solo, unlike all the others throughout their ouvre, sounds deceptively coherent. Yet utterly outside the norm. It's incognito!
  3. Hey, thanks for the reply. My describing the notation as "off" wasn't very helpful. Sorry about that. The first thing that grabbed me was the C# and A# on the 'and of' beat two in measure one. I've watched the video closely and it doesn't look or sound like that's what you're playing in the video. Maybe it's because it goes by so fast. Anyway, great lick, great playing too. I'll keep working with it and ignore the tab, and just use the notation, because that bend did confuse me. Thanks again!
  4. Great stuff, I apprecitae your posting it. One question - Is the notation available on your site exactly the same as what you play in the video? something seems amiss. The Db and Bb on the 3rd and 1st strings in the first measure where the first thing I noticed that seemed off. Thanks!
  5. Hmmm, let's see... So a group composed of assorted high officials from the world of business and politics and no one has ever been able to actually get a copy of the minutes of these meetings or the agenda. Curious. So obviously these people are meeting to discuss how to make the world better for the rest of us. It's a simple fact of business and politics that self interest is your only concern and others (including us rabble) only enter the picture when it serves their interest. To think otherwise is to either bury your head in the sand or just choose naivete. There ARE other options besides Evil Paranoid Conspiracy or NOT Evil Paranoid Conspiracy. Either way, people like these folks don't meet in order to discuss how to enrich us and make our lives better. No tin foil required, just an honest understanding of typical human behavior.
  6. Thanks for the replies. No slight to you McMurray, but I'd rather play xylophone than sound like Buckethead. Fortunately Allan Holdsworth was also a student of this book, so I take comfort in that. Maybe that's why Holdsworth sounds so much like Coltrane to me.
  7. So what's the deal with Nicolas Slonimsky's Thesaurus of Scales and Patterns? (sorry if I got his name or the title wrong, I'm writing it from memory) Coltrane worked from it, Zappa respected (which he didn't have much regard for musical academia) so I've been a playing for 26 years and I wonder what I've missed? Reverend Darrell (AKA Reverend Cheese)
  8. MikeGennation, Where did you studyget your degree? You are deep man.
  9. The dynacomp is easier to handle (because the attack is fixed). Chris, would you mind elaboratingclarifying that? I'm not precisely sure what you mean. Would you say the Super Comp doesn't really sound all that different than the Dynacomp?
  10. aesthetics are better on the super Yeah, I'll have to go along with you on that one.
  11. Oooops! Sorry 'bout that. Those dangs cats always seem sarcastic to me. I retract my comments! Back to the thread already in progress.
  12. There's only one reason you'd post that: to be unkind and appear clever at someone else's expense. Is that really the kind of person you want to be? Anyway, all sincere and helpful replies appreciated.
  13. So the Dunlop Super Compressor is allegedly just a Dynacomp with an attack control. If this is true, how much difference does this make in sound and performance? I was going to buy a Dunlop SC, but found a used Dunlop DC for thirty dollars and I wonder if I should just get the DC and be done with it, or hold out for the SC. I appreciate feedbackinput from anyone familiar with these little buggers. Thanks!
  14. The Greer Ghetto Stomp is waaaaay overrated, and it's nothing more than an Electra Distortion, although he'll tell ya' he thought it up all by his lonesome. Check the DIY Stompboxes forum where they analyzedissect boutique stompboxes if you doubt my veracity. The Toadworks tweed type pedal is one of my favorites. I also like those Boss made Fender amp COSM pedals. Don't care if they are digital or whatever, they sound freakin' great.
  15. And in case you didn't know: www.wohlers.org/puppets
  16. Wow, great news! I've been a fan since the early eighties. Saw them many times between 1985 and 1991. This sounds like them again even if Derrick is still out of the picture. The key ingredient was getting Cris back. But that previous album wasn't quite 'there'. this one reminds me of their heyday.
  17. Even the simplest threads often turn ugly around here. Is it really so hard to be nice?
  18. I dont know - what the hell is a {censored} and curb stomp? Seriously. I thought you guys was funnin'
  19. Just got a Line 6 Echo Park today. I get that gently tapping activates the tap function, but to turn it OFF, does it really have to make that 'clicksnap' sound to get the red light to come on? I know it seems ignant to ask, but I want to be sure. Thanks
  20. Wow!!! Really great material! And yes, I'm a fan of orchestral music. I Love Stravinsky, Bartok, Beethoven, Berg, Schoernberg and Zappa. I was really excited and affected by your String Quartet in G major, op.4 3rd Movement-Scherzo-Trio and String Quartet in G major, op.4 2nd Movement-Adagio Molto. I wish you well, you deserve great success for writing very interesting and original material. Where can I get a recording?
  21. I really like the OD and distortion both. Great sounds, very flexible. I own the chorus and it is also excellent.
  22. Found this elsewhere on HC as someones signature: Criteria for being a successful contributor to the HCAF: 1. Must talk like a 4 year old, the more letters you replace the better. Examples would be brootz, failzor, teh, map and other. 2. Must have an extremely closed mind, resort to name calling if necessary. Carrying on normal conversation = "fail". Some other things that are pluses (but not limited to): 1. Alcoholism (big plus). 2. Excessive use of emoticons especially facepalm and redface.
  23. i guess it's not really a charlie christian lick, but i've heard him play it a lot. if you listen to the second part of scapegoat - when it goes back to the Bb7 around 0:55, he plays the whole dom7 arp with neighbor tones like charlie on the flying home solo. here's a great site for charlie if you want to save some time transcribing: I'll trust you on that, as I haven't gotten through all of "Only When It's Light" yet. I started to work on it, then all my personal time vanished when my 16 month old daughter came down with a fluvirus this last week. Looks like I'll get to return to it here shortly as she's on the mend. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out, although I never check a transcription until after I work out the part in question for myself, by ear, first. But it will be good to save and print out for lessons and such. Thanks!
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