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  1. Here is my 72 fender Precision bass with non original Fender case. The bass is in great shape with very little wear or marks of any kind. It has a "B" neck and pickups marked 8052 with ground shield and rubber still under them and in great shape. Pots dated 032367 250k 304-7, with all proper names in the pocket. I have more pics to anyone interested. No trades thank you tho. $2500.00 plus shipping. Calling is faster 404-216-7496. thanks Got bills so has to go. Pay pal (confirmed shipping address or cash and carry if in Atlanta area.
  2. Well, I am selling here a 1999 Modulus Genesis 5 with Modulus case. She is in great shape with a little bit of button scratches on the back but that can be polished out in top coat not thru. Maple front with chechen board with Barts and Bart ntmb pre. Pay pal or USPS money order. $1400 get here shipped in the CONT USA. thanks SOLD SOLD SOLD - THANK YOU ALL FOR LOOKING
  3. Check out my SX Jazz I just listed. Tks
  4. SOLD *** SOLD *** SOLD This is one of those Fender copies and it is pretty nice. Comes with a gig bag and the bass is in very nice condition no damage or issues. Plays and sounds great. $165.00 shipped in the CONT USA only.
  5. SOLD *** SOLD *** SOLD I got this one with a trade deal and looking to sell her. She has the original case and in really nice shape. Plays and sounds great. All in working order with no damage or issues. There are some small signs of wear, but all in all a great old bass. $375.00 shipped in the CONT USA only.
  6. Here is my Hot Rod P bass for sale - great shape a little swirling on the pick guard and light on the back but not much. Comes with Fender hard case in pics. NO damage to bass and frets are in great shape, bass plays and sounds great. The D-Tuner is available in deal. $875.00 shipped in Conus, pay pal or US Postal MO. Here is a link to some pics. http://s742.photobucket.com/albums/xx68/Lennyj56/Hot%20Rod%20Fender%20P%20Bass/ Thanks
  7. These cabinets were made for me by a cabinet designer in Georgia, I have 2 sets and am selling one set. They are similar to the Bergantino ex 112 cabinet, but in this case one is a 12 and the other is a 15. And they sound just as good. I know there are a couple of guys over on talk bass that have them also. Both very small with a huge sound, I have played from small to large gigs with these cabinet. They have Eminence delta 300 watt speakers and they are line-xed for the outside, built to be played and last. I have added stack corners to the cabinets. Anyway $200 for the 12 and $250 for the 15 plus shipping. [ATTACH]319436[/ATTACH] Click for larger picture, tks Lenny
  8. looking for fully functioning adat machines on the cheap..pm me your lowest price on your working machine with shipping to ct..local pickup a plus! Hey My son has a Alesis (s) Adat macine (actually 2 of them) and he wants to sell one. It would be better for you to go direct to him on this one, I am a bass player. His name is Zak zsjordan@me.com or 404-625-8112 thanks Lenny
  9. These were all made in the 50's and mass produced to flood the market. McKinney, Oahu, National and Valco all made usually by Valco for the others and all have the supro pickup that everybody loves. Comes with original case in fair to good condition, handle and latches work just a little scuffed up. Instrument is in great shape and plays and sounds great, Comes with brand new cord, pics and bar. $380.00 shipped in CONUS. thanks Lenny [ATTACH]318789[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]318790[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]318791[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]318792[/ATTACH] CLick on pic for larger.
  10. Hey I give you interesting - How about a 1954 Mckinney lap steel with original case with tone bar and pics and new cord. [ATTACH]318679[/ATTACH] Click pic for larger pic. They run when times are good around 550 at the vintage stores. Is that interesting enough, I want a warwick - but no cash. And I'll ship to you Thanks Lenny
  11. Up for sale is one of my Epifani 2x12 cabinets. With the current situation I need to sell one. [ATTACH]318479[/ATTACH] My ability on posting pics is not that good, if you IM with an email address I can send better pics. thanks $650 plus shipping with cover. You can click on the pic to make bigger - this I did not know.
  12. Yes I have been looking at 6'ers but never played any - is the bass still avail and if so could you send/post a pic. thanks
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