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  1. Hi do you still have the squall ....thanks
  2. if i had to sum it up i'd say...... Randy Rhoads .......very heavy .....but with clarity....
  3. well worth a try even though it's solid state it sounds very warm and valvey.... when it comes to the whole valve/transistor debate i've played valve amps that sound rubbish and solid state amps that sound very good this is one of the latter i've got two of them which i run in a little stereo set up with an old boss me5 multi fx unit and i'm happy with it ... i bought my first one in a second hand store and have tried a lot of other similar combos but find myself coming back to it often .....so keep an open mind
  4. i would recommend this amp both for the beginner or anyone else who has been playing for a few years ..... as i said it's a recording /rehearsal /songwriting amp which can give you those cranked valve amp sounds at home without killing the dog or the neighbours ..... AC/DC in a box for a few hundred quid .....Bargain !!!!
  5. very good ....very flexible and exciting pedal to play even when you've got a good sound ...there' loads more level.. gain ... and tone if you need it and bags of sustain even at low levels i would highly recommend this pedal i was lucky to find one here in the UK ....bought it from a guitarist who had toured in Japan don't think they were ever released in the uk if you see one buy it i don't think you'll be dissapointed
  6. After years of just playing everything and anything i decided that when i bought this amp i was going to start listening a bit more .....and i'm glad i did...... most times you don't need as much gain or as many fx as you think you do!...... this amp will let you start playing like YOU...it's been an education to be honest ......i feel i know a lot more about guitar tone..... tubes and speakers etc....and can become a real tube amp geek!!! ha ha ...so as i say it's a good amp but with a couple of upgrades it's terrific.....
  7. it's a very good pedal for blues classsic rock etc .....it maintains the character of your guitar i've used it with my strat..... les paul and tele and they all sound like they should.................. you can find the tone you want very quickly and can get on with playing instead of fiddling all the time......... i'd highly recommend the Tweed E Dog.
  8. sorry to say this just wasn't for me ....i really wanted to like it...... but i'm just gonna stick wth my pedals.....i have other digitech pedals that i love .....but i never really knew where i was with the rp500.....the sounds just didn't seem to have much personality i've sent it back
  9. This is a brilliant pedal if you find one buy it
  10. I was looking for a little valve head that i could use at home and play at my club ..... with a good tone that would overdrive without breaking the windows.... and i've found it ...and it looks pretty cool too ...well worth every penny ......i've only had it for a week .....but can't recommend it highly enough...if that's what you're looking for you'll have a great time!!
  11. It's all there my friends......... but you have to take the time to find it...... if your beginning the guitar this will not make you sound like Jimi Hendrix out of the box....you need to learn a few chords and hendrix songs CLEAN .....if you've done that then this is definitely gonna make things sound better .....if you can play then you'll love it ......you'll have a bal....l ENJOY!!!!!
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