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  1. https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=D167FE3F40FDF120!106&authkey=!ADQrcHmIZYi3xlY The Godin was a great guitar while I had it but I really need a travel guitar now so looking to trade. Send me a message with an offer.
  2. https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=D167FE3F40FDF120!106&authkey=!ADQrcHmIZYi3xlY Should be pictures there, still getting used to skydrive.
  3. I know, I know. Two completely different guitars. I'm just getting into the Floyd Rose thing and my buddy says the B.C. Rich guitars are pretty cool if you get a higher end one... Anyway, I'm putting out feelers for a Mockingbird ST. If your interested PM me and I'll post some pictures of the Godin--it has a beautiful Quilt top, stock pickups and a high quality gig bag. I did upgrade the tuners to locking ones but never actually screwed them in--I was gonna put the original tuners back on before sale--they were good too, I'm just guilty of whammy abuse. If you still want the locking tuners we could work something out. I have other stuff to trade too if interested.
  4. Looking for a steinberger like guitar--can be an r-trem or whatever, don't want a fixed bridge though. Wanna pay like 250 or trade for the guitar. I have a couple pieces of equipment that are worth that much I'm not using so why not. Things available for trade: Butterscotch Tele- squier bought for a vacation guitar so I wouldn't have to haul a good one on a plane. Godin SD- I love this guitar but to be honest, I just don't really need it anymore. Old Epiphone Les Paul- all black with no pickguard--it's a studio since it has no binding and there is a piece missing out of the headstock. Misc. Pedals (Dyna Comp etc., nothing terribly boutique) Vox Pathfinder SS amp--people love these things and I've had mine for YEARS and it's collecting dust.
  5. Price is negotiable
  6. Looking to sell my Vox AC4TV. It's in barely used condition and ready to ship. Price is $160 + Shipping from Chicago. I'll post pictures if needed.
  7. Want to trade Vox AC4TV for germanium fuzzface clone, amp is in good condition, never smoked around or anything like that. I just don't have the need or even desire for it I thought I would. Time to trade it. Looking for a sunface/london fuzz/oxfuzz or something similar. Will supliment trade with some cash if necessary.
  8. This is the Vox AC4TV, it's in good condition, well taken care of. It has the 4/1/.25 watt switch. I like the amp a lot but unfortunately times are tough and I really can't justify keeping it. Looking to trade for a good germanium fuzzface clone, I.e. Sunface, Oxfuzz, MJM London Fuzz. Germanium is a must. I'd be willing to suppliment with cash too. PM me and lets make a deal.
  9. Looking for a sunface. Sell me yours... Send me a private message
  10. has all the model packs. Nice little modeller, looking for an MDV2 or maybe a fulltone clyde deluxe. I'll let the Podxt go for $150 otherwise.
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