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  1. Nice. A lot of what I like about metal without the things I dislike.
  2. Even if that is the case, from my experience the draw in this situation must be pretty minimal - not enough to worry. I leave my board unpowered in a case all the time and as I said I've replaced the battery once. I'll check tonight, but either way I'm not going to bother unplugging it or removing the battery whenever I put it back on the board. (Also, I got mine for 30$ and then sold my tu-2 for 70. Probably the best deal I've found.)
  3. Yeah, I just replaced the one that came with it (used) a month or two ago.
  4. I keep a 9 volt in my Pitch black to use in another band where that's the only thing between my guitar and amp. I also have it on my board powered by a PP2+ and as long as the power supply is plugged into the Pitchblack my 9 volt doesn't drain down with my cable plugged into the input. Same here. I think I've changed the battery once in six months, so I'm 99% sure there is no drain with cords and cable plugged in.
  5. I got a v.4 last week and tried it at 9v and 18v through my practice amp. There was a difference, maybe a bit more compression at 9v, but it wasn
  6. I just had a conversation with a friend today about how MIM teles are the best value guitar out there and about the cheapest you can get a
  7. I think an eq pedal might be a wiser choice. It will let you tweak your scxd since it just has treble and bass controls.
  8. Both my girlfriend and I are in love with St. Vincent - just before we hooked up I bought a fuzz factory and she got her hair cut like that. Love this version of Actor Out of Work http://vimeo.com/5203838 And her Dig a Pony cover: Honestly one of my favourite guitar players right now.
  9. Radiohead.......the unicorns of Indie. I thought that The Unicorns were the unicorns of Indie? [YOUTUBE]qutcmPmYUpg[/YOUTUBE]
  10. Pablo Honey never did much for me. There are a few songs on there that are cool, but for the most part it's just not very interesting. Very generic. I loved The Eraser. I love it too. I just meant that it is the anti-pablo honey and that that dude would hate it.
  11. So since the world is ending tonight, we might as well conclude that people like OK Computer the most, Amnesiac is underrated (or maybe overwhelmed by Kid A love), and that one other person does think that Pablo Honey is better than later Radiohead.
  12. ^ I think that that is my favourite dj shadow track. Has anyone seen the fan made mashup videos for girltalk's last album? [YOUTUBE]VKqkcHvJN9k[/YOUTUBE]
  13. I remember lurking on this board in like 2001 or 2002 looking for info on the Digitech rp300 and other multieffects. Was 2000 when it began?
  14. Does anyone know how I can mess with the poll so that Kid A wins? Do I just bribe an official like in real life?
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