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  1. . I start out ok, but then in an effort to improve each take, I start trying too hard which leads to worse performances. After I start to relax, the quality of takes improves again, usually exceeding my initial performances.


    I'm the same, but opposite (guitar). I start off knowing my parts, playing them well, technically 'a take' but sort of institutionalized. I start falling off. Frustration sets in. Frustration turns to anger. Then the anger makes the parts more emotional and we get the take.

  2. try both of them at once!

    I may just have to try that! I've definately got some situations where I need crunch rhythm and louder solo shred in the same song, I just use my volume knob on the guitar for that.... which has it's drawbacks, of course.... hmmm... maybe next paycheck the IRA sits idle waiting for another downturn, and I pick up the TS9 in addition to the BD!

  3. Thanks all, I just got home with my new Blues Driver! You all answered my questions very well. I had a slight impression that the BD was boss's imitation of the TS9, but now I'm educated!!!!


    The BD does sound awesome through the JC120. They marry well. I've tried Big Muff and two different Rat's with it, not so good. The BD I borrowed (the reason for this post, I have to give it back last second before a show in 2 days) goes very well with the JC. Can't ask for much more out of it.


    Thanks again!

  4. I have to give my Blues Driver back to it's rightful owner but have a show to play Wed. so I need to buy another driver asap, no time to shop around and compare this and that. I would just buy another Blues Driver but as long as I'm buying another pedal, wouldn't mind "upgrading". It's going into a solid state clean amp. Would a TS9 just boost the signal with minimal distortion or would it act like the blues driver and get me plenty?



  5. Just ignore it and move on. There's no sense in aggravating a situation with a moron or getting involved with the labor department or small claims or anything like that. The fact you lost the phone could be an issue for you, did you file police report, and all that? Doesn't matter, just forget about the guy and move on.

  6. Anastasio used two TS9s through his Deluxe Reverb in the mid to late 90's. One set for a "rhythm" drive, if you can call it that, and one gained high for his solos/sustain/feedback through his hollowbody.


    Granted, Phish didn't play hard rock, but the overdriven sound he used probably would be pretty useful in some chugga-chugga music, and certainly for cutting high-gain solos.


    You might find a place for this rig AB'd with another amp for your chugga-chugga stuff, then switch over to the Anastasio rig for sweetness in your high gain solos.

  7. Modes are mostly helpful to help you understand the relationship between single notes and chords in a progression, the interconnectiveness of it all. Knowing the modes doesn't mean you think modally when you play or write, necessarily. You are still playing the major scale one way or another, with tonics at different places. Learning modes for most guitarists is just a way to get familiar with playing the major scale in different ways besides "Do Ray Me Fa So La Te Do".

  8. Any particular reason you are wanting a Rat? I've played a strat through Rat and Turbo Rat for 15 years, and I finally used a Blues Driver one day out of necessity, and I haven't touched my rat pedals since, literally they are sitting where I tossed them when I plugged in the BD several months ago.

  9. Thanks to all the replies, very valuable. I will continue to make a conscious effort to breathe more consistently. As if Victor's word wasn't enough, it's nice to get some explanation out of it, that's how my mind works. I need explanations. Thanks again!

  10. I recently, about 2 years ago, was pulled out of a danger period. I had graduated college and left town to pursue a "legitimate" career and after over 3 years of just fooling around with my guitar in my bedroom, no amp, I was pretty close to just quitting altogether, my other hobby, fishing, was taking over and I didn't know many people in the new town so no bands to play with or people to jam with. Sure, you meet people and talk and do the "yeah, we should jam sometime" conversations that never materialized. Luckily, I fell on really hard times there and moved back closer to home where I've done better employment-wise as well as gotten back in touch with musicians and now play in a band, and have started spending money on guitar again :( double edged sword! It only took me about a year to get back to my previous level of playing in college! It's nice to "relearn" at some point, I think, you can learn more deliberately, less "as it comes". I think I'm a better musician now, for having taken 3 years off. But I'll never know how good I would have been if I never stopped, but I'd still have the same bad habits and reliance on basic musical form, etc.

  11. ....and just buying a Pod X3 live and some nice monitor speakers. I'm sick of constantly trying to find a tone that pleases me with endless combinations of overdrive and dirt pedals. At least with the Pod I have a choice of amps on there and loads of effects to choose from. If this fails then I don't know what......

    What do you guys think? Should I do it? I'm just toying with the idea and wanted to get some opinions first.

    I love you too man... I just started similar topic in "Backstage with the Band". I'm with you.

  12. Furthermore... as a rule of thumb, always use 2 fingers to bend, for strength.


    The only time you won't use two fingers is when you simply can't get 2 fingers on the string in time because of whatever crazy improvisation or lick you are coming out of. And that's when you use one finger, and that's what makes guitarists make funny faces when the play solos. Don't believe me? Spend an hour on youtube and tell me I'm wrong!

  13. you should probably also focus on the FEEL of the right amount of bend. For example, bend the G string at the 12th fret up a whole tone WITHOUT playing it. After you've bent it up to where you think the A is, then play it and see how close you get. Eventually you'll get it by feel


    Until you change strings!


    The way I was taught bending, way back in the early 1990's...


    First finger (index) on the B string, say, 5th fret.


    3rd finger on the G-string (7th Fret) with your middle finger on the 6th (even though you can't hear the note, using two fingers gives you more strength).



    Pluck the 5th fret B string that the index (1st) finger is on, let it ring, and while it's ringing, pluck the G string and slowly bend up with both 2nd and 3rd fingers until you've matched the tone of the first note you picked.


    That way, you can hear both simultaneously for accuracy.


    And that's a "Full Bend".


    It's also a very popular lick in older rock and blues. It leads to many Chuck Berry licks which sound sick when overly distorted and thrown in a modern rock song. Definately gives street cred to your abilities.

  14. I saw some of those instructionals, and he says "Don't forget to breathe" and he says it a couple times. Sometimes when I find myself concentrating and playing something difficult, I have to take a huge breath when I'm done because I haven't been breathing. Is there any specific problem you encounter when you don't remember to breathe [besides death and brain damage?]? Perhaps it makes you rush the part because you are running out of air? Something subcounscious? It's nearly impossible for me to remember to breathe sometimes. I'm trying to remember the next 14 notes while playing the current set of 8, you know, my brain leading my fingers by a measure.

  15. I've played through mostly a Rat or TurboRat for most of my days, I never loved it, but it worked. At our last practice, my rat started cutting in and out, changed battery, same problem, that's another issue. So the other guitarist handed me a Big Muff, and I played with it a while, but it wasn't agreeing with my amp, strange trippy sounds it was making, again, another issue, had to ditch it. Then the other guitarist handed me a blues driver.


    This is my new dist/overdrive pedal.


    I A/B/Y through a Laney PT30 -> 2x12 Avatar with Cel V30s and a Roland JC120.


    With my preamp on the Laney around 8, it's a good rhythm distortion, and turning on the Blues Driver just pushes it into lead territory perfectly through that setup.


    With the JC120, I keep the distortion knob on zero at all times because it sounds like crap. But turning on the blues driver through the clean setting is super milky, I hate using words like that, but I don't know how else to describe it.


    AB'ed together, with the chorus on, it's just sick tone.


    Anyways, don't make the mistake I made and listen to all the people that talk smack about that pedal, it's great. No, it's not brootalz, it's better than brootalz.


    If you are shopping for a dist/overdrive, make sure you try this one out along with the TS9, 808, Radials (I have the ABY) and whatever else you are looking at.



    Guitar-> 1995 Fender American Strat, unmodded.

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