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  1. . I start out ok, but then in an effort to improve each take, I start trying too hard which leads to worse performances. After I start to relax, the quality of takes improves again, usually exceeding my initial performances. I'm the same, but opposite (guitar). I start off knowing my parts, playing them well, technically 'a take' but sort of institutionalized. I start falling off. Frustration sets in. Frustration turns to anger. Then the anger makes the parts more emotional and we get the take.
  2. +2 on tossing some pink panther on top of the tiles. One of the big wigs at work just had his corner office built out next to our cubical (we share a wall) and he likes to blast danzig or watch dvd's during late nights and weekends and you can barely hear a peep, big difference from when he worked across the hall in similar office with no pink panther laid out over the tiles.
  3. GNR Knockin On Heaven's Door, and Get In The Ring.
  4. try both of them at once! I may just have to try that! I've definately got some situations where I need crunch rhythm and louder solo shred in the same song, I just use my volume knob on the guitar for that.... which has it's drawbacks, of course.... hmmm... maybe next paycheck the IRA sits idle waiting for another downturn, and I pick up the TS9 in addition to the BD!
  5. For anyone else who comes along in the future and stumbles upon this topic: With strat or tele into the Blues Driver and into the JC120 (direct, not loop), we play anything from 1950's rock to 80's pop-metal, and some punk. Delay pedal used for a little thickness doesn't hurt.
  6. Thanks all, I just got home with my new Blues Driver! You all answered my questions very well. I had a slight impression that the BD was boss's imitation of the TS9, but now I'm educated!!!! The BD does sound awesome through the JC120. They marry well. I've tried Big Muff and two different Rat's with it, not so good. The BD I borrowed (the reason for this post, I have to give it back last second before a show in 2 days) goes very well with the JC. Can't ask for much more out of it. Thanks again!
  7. That's exactly what I did when I got an original TS9 from a local pawnshop. I plugged it thru a small SS amp. I told the guy the pedal doesn't work. So he sold it to me for $20! That's a good trick.... I'm gonna use that.
  8. bump I'm serious... need input like Johnny 5. I have to go buy something within the hour. btw thanks dap99.
  9. I have to give my Blues Driver back to it's rightful owner but have a show to play Wed. so I need to buy another driver asap, no time to shop around and compare this and that. I would just buy another Blues Driver but as long as I'm buying another pedal, wouldn't mind "upgrading". It's going into a solid state clean amp. Would a TS9 just boost the signal with minimal distortion or would it act like the blues driver and get me plenty? Thanks...
  10. Definately with Flying Milkman. Don't do this. Delete that while you can.
  11. It's amazing how good you can get when you practice 6 hours a day for 2 years straight, especially as a child with no preconceptions about how to play, just doing it the right way. 6 hours a day every day for 2 years is like practicing an hour a day for 12 years. Kid's got talent, but I think most people could play that good with that much practice.
  12. Gilmour's use of a Leslie gives you more of a flange effect than his actual flange pedal. Duplicating the tone without the leslie is a losing battle, but you can definately get close enough to fool the typical audience.
  13. Just ignore it and move on. There's no sense in aggravating a situation with a moron or getting involved with the labor department or small claims or anything like that. The fact you lost the phone could be an issue for you, did you file police report, and all that? Doesn't matter, just forget about the guy and move on.
  14. Anastasio used two TS9s through his Deluxe Reverb in the mid to late 90's. One set for a "rhythm" drive, if you can call it that, and one gained high for his solos/sustain/feedback through his hollowbody. Granted, Phish didn't play hard rock, but the overdriven sound he used probably would be pretty useful in some chugga-chugga music, and certainly for cutting high-gain solos. You might find a place for this rig AB'd with another amp for your chugga-chugga stuff, then switch over to the Anastasio rig for sweetness in your high gain solos.
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