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  1. creamy clear high end--- maybe the C12 ?? What you think (BTW.....Best regards guys -- to you - in your studio) Greg
  2. The Audacity Works. Inexplicably. Penny for your thoughts on how you arived at the name....cause there is a hint of genius in it. (seems like some musicians may have more attitude than skill. For some odd reason thats what sparks in my mind when I see audacity---but artists/musicians copping that attitude is important, and being committed to it matters too)
  3. Actually, my place goes by 2, most commonly and simply referred to as "The Man Cave" but is also know as "Refuge". ......Both names are kind of tongue in cheek named after my turbulent relationship with my wife......but the object remains the same. Go outside and chop wood or get away when there's too much heat in the kitchen, then retreat to the music.....Ah , yes...the beauty of having a hormonal wife ...
  4. Great question. I'd love to see a list of effective signal chains for vocals, organized by different vocal styles/colors. wouldn't THAT be sweet !!! Wish that album liner notes included the "lead vocal mics". And while I'm daydreaming.....the "Pre" that was used with it.
  5. Batting (the stuff used in quilts) can be used to wrap the panel, then fabric over that. . much in favor of this idea----but How Does the quilt batting affect the function of the panel? UstadKhanAli :If you're using fiberglass for sound insulation, cover it. End of problem. I was happy with the burlap until I actually started building with it. Burlap -- have some serious doubts about it, perhaps the weave i got was especially loose. Thanks for the reassurance though . I am not a Wave physicist, but since its "taking" the sound, i wonder about some of the micro glass dust "shaking" loose. I don't advocate loud listening levels often, but on occasion I do (with ear protection) shake the walls--that catharsis thing....so if the walls are moving, then the panels are shaking too but no reason to have a shitty sounding room for the next 30 years. Music Calgary P.S. I built some traps out of reclaimed paper fiber (slurry of powdered newspaper) this summer and they work great. Free Is this documented on this board? May I PM? Very much appreciate the insights from all. Regards to all,
  6. The concern iis the dust/microdust. Burlap is coarse, like a sieve. If Burlap was tight, like say an OSHA mask or a surgical (micro-pore) mask that would be another thing....
  7. I can't think of any other application where fiberglass is put *inside* a living breathing space, thats all. (its usually out of the way, and I have to wonder if there's a reason...)
  8. Does the Burlap make it safe? Are Loud Volumes Dangerous? Are low volumes safe? Do fibers Leach out Slowly in the Air? How long have these panels been around and are we the test guinea pigs (so to speak) as far as health effects? Regards in your studio! -Greg
  9. Are there any restrictions as far a the outer cloth fabric is concerned? Its all going to be porous---and work about the same ---right?? One fabric is about the same as the next--right ?? There is also a temptation to use the panel as being a type of "corkboard" or such, (since its fairly rigid) and put "post it notes" on it or pin up a piece of paper on it with a thumbtack----Is this one of those rules that you just never ever violate?? Avoid this at all cost or could you allow just a minimal amount of it?
  10. Thinking about putting these things in corners for sound aborbtion-- 1. A surfboard. (Plastic shell but LOTS of foam inside) 2. Foam body boards--for having lake or ocean fun--Ive got 4 of em.... 3. "Water Noodles", or "Water Weanie" floatation things, you use them in the pool or ocean. They are totally fluffy foam and soft. It sounds a little wacked, ,,,well, frankly, ,,I'm a little wacked, but they've got foam, and I can stack them to achieve increasing thickness, especially the foam "water weiners" and wave body boards. I think that I could mimick a corner bass trap with the water noodles--heck I can make them triangular and they have irregular edges--and it cost pennies in comparison to the commercial absorbtion products. I can stack the foam body boards and get to 8 inches of foam! The other thing is that these water toys look wierd and ecclectic and not as sterile. I don't mind looking wierd. My room has not been swept yet--I'm just assuming that I'll have some low frequency absorbtion issues which should be addressed. Give these water toys a try? Have a good one--and best regards in your studio. Greg
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