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  1. How about a super sweet parts caster made from all Fender, Warmoth, Sperzel, and Seymour Duncan HSS pickup config? I can get you more details and pictures tonight.
  2. Bump for one of my favorite amps!
  3. Is that a mahogany or rosewood model? The definition on the computer I'm on is terrible and I can't really tell.
  4. Bump for my favorite amp ever.
  5. I actually just traded it for my old Deliverance I sold a year ago. Thanks for all the great offers guys!
  6. Did I mention it sounds like awesome?
  7. VHT 50CL. Non-graphic eq. Perfect condition, extra set of tubes. Svetlana EL34s in there right now. Head cover and footswitch. Interested?
  8. I'll trade you my unborn child. Please?
  9. Somebody should take this awesome {censored}ing amp cuz I can't right now. Balls.
  10. Also super interested in a Verellen, if anyone has one of those. The Louks or Meat Smoke. Cuz they're hotttttttttttttttttttt.
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