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  1. Hello, I'm looking for something with the characteristics of a workbook. I would like this work book to have questions and answers of music theory for the guitar. Repetition type exercises to help remember the fretboard. To ingrain this in my head. What I am looking for would have the following. Questions (with answers in the back of the book) Fill in the blank type stuff. IEE .. what chord is this and why.. what notes are in this chord.. how do you put this chord together.. ect... Questions that make you think about the answers and don't just say this is how it is. It would be nice if this workbook had a theory book to go along with it. When I think of they type of learning material I'm thinking of, it brings me back to grade school lol.. Hell if I could find this I'd buy 2 and do it twice..
  2. This helped me a lot: http://www.amazon.com/Guitar-Fretboard-Workbook-Barrett-Tagliarino/dp/0634049011 Does this workbook have exorcises that you write in and complete the blanks to help with memorizing? I've been looking for something like that...
  3. what about using fine steel wool and then using some sortof Wax on the board?
  4. Compared this to the..Boss Blues Driver,Bad Monkey, and Screamin Blues although none are all that great but I've toyed with others and this one has a sweet all around tone.... There were some other distortion pedals but that wasn't what I was looking for... This really caught my ears with the crunch, it isn't fuzz like alot of the overdrive's out there. With the two position switch from classic to modified gives you a little more distortion if you need more.. It is also very gradual with the controls. Might not be for everyone but I would suggest giving it a try...
  5. Let me just say, this pedal is awesome. I went to the store today just browsing and checking out some deals and ended up walking out with this baby. I toyed with all the overdrive pedals and this one blew my mind. I just had to have it. It has all kind of crunch but not the over power of the distortion.
  6. How do you gather what to practice. I understand that everyone goes a different direction with their practices and due to style they practice different things. I'm asking you to list how you decide what needs to be practiced. Do you document it for review later? Do you pick a new chord per week? New lick per week? New song? Help me out and maybe point out some things for all to see and help them in their progression to become the ultimate guitarist!
  7. I can't quite understand the metronome or make it work for me to use in practice sessions. I understand the concept of what it's supposed to do but I just can't seem to use it. I want to work on my rhythm play and start incorporating it into my routine.. anyone have any tips? Maybe a video explaining rhythm ect.. Thanks ssureshot
  8. I just read about this last night on one of the last pages of Guitar Player. Though it didn't give any tips on how it's done it was an interview with Paul.. He talked about saying to play this solo this way and noone could so he ended up playing it instead... I just thought it was interesting.. Check it out.. I'm looking for the link and if I find it online Ill add it here.
  9. You just have to enjoy practicing. Thats SIG material lol! I do enjoy practicing, I enjoy almost everything about it. Except the monotonous part where I can do the same thing every day but feel that I'm getting nowhere.. Fingers don't seem any faster and I can't flow through the scales up and down without stopping and thinking.. Maybe the need is to somehow incorporate what I'm practicing into something.. The best is when what you've studied and practiced and all of the sudden you find a piece of music that incorporates that piece and it all just fits together..
  10. these are all great suggestions! I think I started out too fast and am now hitting that, where do I go now, (I'm by no means any good) Where do I direct my practice.. what goals do I set.. what techniques do I practice... There's so much to learn but where do I direct my time.. I pick up and play the same songs and same riffs over and over, I then toy around with scales and try to speed up my picking, All the while going boy I did this yesterday..where an I going with this lol... Maybe I need to force myself to stop that routine for a few weeks and start over... start with something new and fresh..
  11. Certain practice parts are fun but for the less interesting what do you do? What do you do to make practicing scales not so agonizing or monotonous? What practice routines do you have for finger dexterity?
  12. Well, I've hit my first wall I hear so much about. I think I've been cramming so much theory and scales in my head it's about to explode! I'm not sure where to go. Cause I've got the practicing Blues!!! Nothing is sparking the I have to learn that riff or I'd love to know that. Maybe this is the time for technique, I dunno. Been at it for a year and half hard core and I feel I have nothing to show for it.. Maybe need to set some realistic goals, stick to a structured practice schedule. Maybe it's time to wright one of those up and use it this time. Any links to a good structured practice schedule?
  13. I have the Guitar Grimoire (scales and modes) It has 7 patterns for the major scale, these look odd to me. Can anyone recommend a good site with the best patterns of the major scale if these are no good? greatly appriciated ssureshot
  14. I am hoping for some understanding on keys with different instruments. Do Drums play a part in what key the music is in? Aside from a keyboard, bass guitar, guitar, and harmonica.. What normal instruments play a part in the key of a song?
  15. It's like golf. Few people become PGA pros. The rest of us just enjoy an afternoon in the sunshine and do the best we can. Don't make it into work. This has just put my guitar playing into perspective!! That was just great insight... Kinda Zen Like lol
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