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    Old timers

    My last post was over 5 years ago! Can't believe I remembered my password. I first left during a sabbatical from guitar for a few years. Came back briefly, but a horrendous site crash pushed me away for a couple more years. The last straw was a ridiculous redesign. Such a shame. I do miss the old HC.
  2. Flipping gear like that seems like a silly hobby, but I guess he could be doing something more costly and self-destructive. I personally would get bored of flipping cheap guitars real fast, but that's me. It sounds like he's only blowing a couple hundred a month, so I don't really see a big problem if it isn't directly affecting his family.
  3. arclite

    Matchless DC-30

    Helping a buddy sell this - Sampson era in exc. condition. $2500 firm + shipping and/or PayPal fees. No trades. PM for info. Thanks.
  4. Hi my names Jake and im a Series 10 and Bently guitars collector. Series 10 guitars are not made anymore and neither Jackson or Fender bought the name. Bently guitars originated back in 1985 when the company SLM introduced them. SLM stands for Saint Louis Music. They made the guitar brand because people wanted somthing that cost less then Alvarez guitars.(Alvarez is not an offbrand of Ibanez regaurdless of what some people say). Bently was a medium grade guitar and started off as acoustics. Then they started making electrics. Then they changed the names of the electrics to Series 10 as a way to separate the acoustics from the electrics. Series 10 and Bently guitars were made from 1985 to 1998. SLM stoped making the guitar line when they introduced the Austin guitar line. On the used market you can find them from $50 to $100 maybe a little more depending on the guitar and if you find a collector. If you want to send me the serial number and a picture of the guitar i can try to find out how much it sold for and how much it is worth now if you like. I hope this information helped you out some. I just made this account on here because i saw your question on google lol I have been collecting the guitars for 3 years and own a few of the les paul copys. i'll ttyl -Jake- First off welcome to the forum Jake. Bentley's introduction pre-dates 1985 by a couple years. Bentley electrics were the student guitar line used at one of my hometown music stores in the mid 80's. My parents rented a Bentley Precision Bass copy for me in the summer of 1984 and a friend had a bolt-on Les Paul copy as early as the fall of 1983. I'm fairly confident the Series 10 was used on both these models, at least on the Bass. As for quality the Bass was passable for a beginning student. My buddy's Les Paul was absolute junk. This is probably the most thought I've put towards Bentley guitars in the past 24 years. Anyway, strange line to collect. Does this mean there are Westone collectors?
  5. Great guitar that more than a few players prefer over the regular USA Standard from the same era(2005-2008). Very popular for mods like Peter Green mod to vintage spec mods. Less nitro coats sprayed on the Faded (compared to the Stock LP) which gives it a satin feel and some claim makes for a more resonant and lively guitar. Many players hand buff the tops to bring out the Flame and add sheen. 2005 - weight relief (swiss cheese) 2006 - 2008 Chambered 2005 - 07 models had 50's/60's neck option. 2008 models were only available with 50's neck. Downside is inconsistency in tops - some great, some "eh" and some just plain ugly. This one looks nice. These are discontinued models that are holding value @ $1100-$1300. Some with nice tops are going for $1500. Bone stock examples with nice tops are considered good investments, although most buy these as throw around workhorses. The PU covers are not stock. I'd buy it if I had the $. Hope I helped.
  6. Thanks, but I'd rather go with the plate.
  7. I have one. Good pedal. I've A/B'd it against an old version Deja Vibe 2 and it holds its own. Has more of an intermittent pulse than a throb, and is brighter. The pickle has a more phase quality, whereas the Deja more of a chorus. I don't think it has that great sweet spot like a good photocell vibe has, but still some serious mojo at around one o'clock. Slow speeds are nice and chewy, but the fast speed goes more towards the land of phaser, which I like. I don't think it's a great Leslie simulator, but I don't think the real Uni's, Chorus or Phasers are either. Clean sounds are good, but if you want authentic go Photocell. Surprisingly, with an OD pedal (Direct Drive into a Vibro Champ with Alnico '10) the Pickle gets really close to the Deja, and in some respects I prefer the Pickle. Overall, I think the pedal is its own thing and I plan on keeping it once I get a photocell Univibe. While not completely covering the same ground, (imo) the Pickle is much more interesting than the Phase 90 and its imitators. The small footprint and price-tag are also really appealing.
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