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  1. Would prefer rosewood. Thanks
  2. Looking for a Fender Squire SQ Strat from the early 80's. Please pm me with offers. Thanks.
  3. Prefer maple board but open to all offers. Thanks
  4. Bump, mainly looking for a good strat or tele.
  5. I would prefer a Japan made model but pm me with all offers Thanks
  6. Looking to purchase an Epiphone Gold top. Please pm me with all offers. Thanks, GR
  7. Must be fully functional. Pm with all offers. Thanks.
  8. Open to all offers. May go to Evil bay soon....
  9. what is your asking price?
  10. I've got my Rectoverb on local Craigslist, if it sells this is mine. I would trade you my dc-5 for your rectoverb! Not sure how you feel about shipping though.
  11. ok, second offer I've received where I've been blown off. Please do not make an offer unless your serious. That being said, still available.
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