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  1. I'm fill in some of the gaps from my last post with this one. ANSWER FOR 1001: When I was playing punk I was setting aside a lot of time to play stuff that was counter-productive. It's only been in the last year or so where I've set myself to getting the lead guitar sound I want. I've been listening to all those guys solos for a long time. I know what I like about what they're doing and I'm having a hard time getting myself to be able to do the same things. If any of you people have heard Kim Thayil, James Williamson or any of those guys I mentioned play you know that what they're doing isn't something that people have a hard time doing. Take a look at this guy playing a Williamson Solo fastforward to 2:47 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7lgfBVLwjY&feature=related So many people who play guitar with any amount of ability can do that and I know I can too. I just need to know HOW to get to that point from where I am. On that song in the video "Search and Destroy" I can play those the beginning leads no sweat but after that It's hard for me to nail the others. That brings me to MY lead playing; I'm now naturally inclined to play leads that sound like that but my fingers won't agree with what my brain is thinking up. I've got a habit of playing the notes that are next to each other in the Minor Pentatonic sequence and it's getting my stuck playing the same thing too much. How should I go about breaking the bonds that keep me from playing rip-roaring cacophonies? I'm glad to see that my thread where I'm pleading for help with something that's been bringing me down for years became a shoving match for forum regulars. Please people, if you're going to take up space in my thread use that space to help me! ANSWER TO WHATS PLAYED AT 180BPM WITH DOWN STROKE 16TH NOTES ONLY: The Ramones playing live.
  2. *Beware: this may look like an essay but it's not I'm just giving you everything you need to know* I've come to a very odd point to be at with playing guitar. While some things are easy as pie for me others absolutely elude me and seem impossible. I've never really had "lessons" which I guess makes me self taught for the most part. Let me give you people some more information about what led up to this point. I've been playing guitar for nearly six years now (since Freshman year of highschool) and I've had personal one-on-one lessons for about three months of those six years. After I lost my teacher I fell into bad habits and lacked a clear route of advance towards the next step I was should have been going towards. I probably spent close to a full year doing one thing: being able to play only 16th note downstrokes at 188+ BPM. Because I wasn't really thinking about how I could become a better player I fell into a deeper hole. That was three years ago and I've come some distance since that. I'm much more open-minded and ready to take what ever is given to me. CURRENT POSITION: I know VERY BASIC music theory (Notes in the major scale, what makes a minor, major, and seventh chord and the numbers of the notes). I know the Minor Pentatonic scale in two shapes. I can play most any chord progression thrown at me. I have an above-beginners grasp of lead with the pentatonic. I can read tabs, write tabs etc. I'm okay with setting my sights low for guitar playing expertise because I know what I would like to be able to do. I'm not a big fan of "guitar-god" solo ability and never have. WHERE I WANT TO BE: Have the ability to come up with leads and licks that are quick, catchy, and surprisingly basic (see my favorite guitar players at the bottom of the page). To have enough theory under my belt that I know above-basic chord structure how to make a progression of chords and know why they sound good together. Be able to get in good habits and keep myself from playing the same thing too many times when either playing a lead or noodling on my own. I live in Berkeley CA so there are abundant resources around me for getting info, lesson books and teachers. How should I go about getting to my goal and who/what should help me get there? Any online stuff I should check out, DVDs, CDs, local people? Anything you can say about this is a GREAT help. Favorite lead guitar players: Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) James Williamson (Iggy & The Stooges) Ace Frehley (Kiss) Link Wray
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