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  1. I recently picked up an early model Ampeg VT-40 (the top mounted chassis model) at a local music store. My amp tech looked it over, replaced three of the preamp tubes, changed the bias resistor, and gave it back to me with a clean bill of health. So I played it for several days, at reasonable volume (about 10:00 on the volume knob, which is plenty loud). Sounded great. No hum or other excessive noise. Then one day, I glanced in the back of the amp and noticed that the inner components of the output tube on the right were getting hotter than the other. They were just beginning to glow a reddish
  2. I have an AIMS "Personalized" Vocal Sound System amp head up for sale. It was manufactured in Arizona in the 70's. Obviously from the name, this was originally designed as a vocal amp, hence the four individual channels. However, I have been using it for both guitar and bass and it completely KILLS! I A/B'ed this amp next to an early 70's Ampeg V-4B head, through the same speaker setup. I honestly couldn't tell a difference. Guitarists: This AIMS amp really nails that early 70's Rolling Stones sound. Crank it up and you're into overdriven classic rock glory. Take it down a few notches and you
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