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  1. 70's Ovation Magnum III bass for sale. Dark natural finish. Graphite neck. One HUGE humbucker in the neck position and a single coil pickup at the bridge. Passive tone controls. Massive sound from this bass. More low end than any bass I've ever heard, but lots of clarity and punch too. Action is perfect in my opinion. Plays effortlessly. Neck is straight. The back of the body has a few very small nicks here and there, but nothing deep enough to break the finish, and really not even noticeable unless a bright light is shined on it. Also included is the original brown Ovation hardshell case, which is in excellent shape and keeps the bass safe. I'll even throw in a strap for the bass. No pictures at the moment, but I will take some and send them to anyone with serious interest. It's a really unique, cool looking instrument. Kind of has a stretched P-Bass body shape. These usually go for between $600 up to about $1,000 on occasion. I'm asking $600 plus shipping costs (for a bass in a hard case, I imagine it will be app. $40, depending on where the buyer is located). Price is firm. No trades please. I am only selling this because I have too many basses and have to thin the collection out a little to make ends meet. I'm willing to meet a buyer within 100 miles of Louisville, Kentucky too, if that's feasible. This photo is a stock online photo, but mine looks exactly like this, with a slightly darker finish: PM me or reply if interested. Thanks!
  2. snowblinder

    Vox VT15

    I'm admittedly a big fan and champion of the early 70's Ampegs. I own this amp, plus an early V-4B, a blueline model B-15N (the best amp ever made for recording bass, seriously), and I co-own an early model VT-22 with a bandmate, not to mention an early 80's MTI-era SVT. I also own a vintage Traynor YBA-1 that I use for guitar. The VT-40 is a top of the line amp. Sounds on par with my V-4B for guitar (and it is one of the best sounding amps for guitar that I've ever heard), and is easier to carry around in my car. If it was stolen and I had the cash, I'd definitely look for another. Has everything I need and nothing more, just the way I like it.
  3. Amazingly, the guitar was returned to my possession a few days ago. The thief turned it in to his lawyer, apparently said he wanted nothing more to do with it, and the lawyer turned it in to the police, who called me. It's exactly as it was when it was stolen, minus one of the tone knobs which must have fallen off. The only part that sucks is that the lawyer, citing attorney/client privilege, would not disclose the name of the thief to the police or myself. Considering the fact that my girlfriend and I didn't get all of our belongings back, this pisses me off beyond belief. But in the end, I'm mostly just glad that my Les Paul came back to me. I surely didn't expect it. Thanks everyone for keeping an eye out. It is truly, greatly appreciated.
  4. Trust me, if I could afford it this very moment, this guitar wouldn't be for sale anymore.
  5. As I mentioned in another thread on here, my '75 Gibson Les Paul was stolen recently. I have zero leads, and I'm starting to feel like it may really be gone for good. I don't have a backup guitar to play, so...I'm shopping around for a good replacement. Sadly I don't have a ton of money to shell out on another 70's Gibson, but I've heard good things about Greco, Burny, and Orville Les Pauls in particular. I'm just browsing at the moment, but if anyone sees or knows of any of these up for sale, please let me know. I'm particularly interested in a black Custom, a black or tobaccoburst Standard, or a TV yellow double cutaway Junior. Thanks!
  6. I don't even know if this is still available, but....damn, I'm shopping around for a new Les Paul to replace my stolen one, and here I am looking at this one and seriously considering it. Oh well, free bump for a nice guitar.
  7. Bump. I haven't had any luck so far. Still hoping it turns up on Ebay or Craigslist.
  8. Update: got the serial number from the store where I initially bought the guitar back in 2000. It is 99224621.
  9. Sometime between 11pm on Thursday, November 12 and 2am on Friday, November 13, my guitar was stolen from my girlfriend's residence near Bowman Field in Louisville, Kentucky in a burglary. It is a 1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe electric guitar. Wine red finish. Most of the paint is worn off of the neck and the back of the body. Has a three-way coiltap switch installed by the volume knob for the neck pickup. One Seymour Duncan pickup in the neck, one chrome covered Gibson '57 Classic pickup in the bridge. All chrome hardware. I've replaced the original gold speed knobs with black vintage style knobs, and the plastic input jack plate has been replaced with a chrome one. It is missing its pickguard. Serial number is unknown, but it is an eight-digit number and begins with 99. This guitar has major sentimental and financial value and I would love nothing more than to get it back. It's one of a kind and is very, very easy to recognize. PLEASE friends, repost this anywhere else you can think of, and KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. I am offering a minimum $100 reward for information leading to its return. No questions asked. THANK YOU. Here is an older photo of me with it: And here is a recent one of my bandmate playing it: I know it's a long shot as most people on here aren't from my area, but...if you happen to see it on Ebay, Craigslist, here, or anywhere else, please, please PM me and let me know. I just want it back more than anything. Thanks.
  10. Morning bump. A few offers, nothing definite yet. Still up for grabs.
  11. No trades, sorry. I'm selling this for a friend, and cash is king.
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