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  1. I gotta dean hardtail select. Installed Gibson burst buckets... with a case ill sell it for 325. Plus shipping... im in Indiana. Pick ups alone were 280.
  2. i like those... but i cant play floyds very well.
  3. If I threw some money in too would that change anything.
  4. engage757... you have a seriously bad ass collection of guitars
  5. id be open to a lot of things. i dont play too many floyds but id entertain about anything. with high gain pick ups preferred
  6. Ill give ya two guitars ...I have a thread with pics of the two guitars
  7. i have an ltd viper 401fm. i have pics if you want them.
  8. boss of angels you messaged me but your inbox if full. delete... i might be intersted in that trade of yours.
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