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  1. Not sure I'm interested in selling singles at $32 shipped. I may end up doing it though for somewhere like $35-$40 shipped and paypaled.
  2. I got 20 NOS Jan Phillips I'm selling that I will be letting go in sets of 5 for $160 shipped and paypaled. All tubes have been tested for leaks, shorts, emissions, and Transconductance. Here is a pic of 5 of them. All NOS and in original boxes.
  3. Up on the block is my Fender Twin Reverb. It is the commemorative reissue made in 1991, #186 of only 300. AFAIK, these were supposed to be the only reissues made before they decided to reinstate the TR as a current model. This is built to blackface specs. This also comes with the footswitch, aluminum flight case w/wheels, and a quad of NOS GE power tubes. This amp has had a small reversible mod done to it, it has had a master volume installed through the extension speaker jack. It is easy to completely remove the master volume from the amp if needed for collectibility. I'm looking for $1400 shipped, and I'm open to trades if there is cash on your end (because shipping this thing is going to cost money that I don't have). For trades, I need something more british (I miss my Orange AD30), so I'm open to Oranges, Marshalls, Voxes, Matamps, similar amps, preferably 15-30 watts, no more, no less. I would love an AC30 or a Rocker 30. Nice amp man. I own number 180.
  4. Post some pics and give us a price I may be interested.
  5. Do you still have the Jensen C12K? PM me if you do.
  6. Shoot me some pics of the Tele. I have a 4100 and a 4500
  7. I have a friend with a MINT Classic 30 I bet he would sell for $350. Shoot me a PM and I'll try and hook you guys up.
  8. Wanna trade for a Triple Recto?
  9. Thanks for the offers guys but I had already bought the amp and guitar like over a year ago.
  10. Never bonded with the amp. I'm much more of a Marshall guy. The amp has JJ Powertubes, cover, pedal, manual, and pedal cable. The only thing on the negitive with the amps is the guy I bought it from cut the pedal cable to make it longer so I made it back to stock length and you can see heat shrink on the cable. Cables just plug in so are easy to replace if it bothers you. Anyway let me know. Amp will be shipped in an actual amp box. $1150 shipped.
  11. GC has it for $99 right now. I just looked it up on the computer and it is $161.00. Was it on sale or something?
  12. Mint condition with JJ power tubes. The only issue is that someone extended the cable for the pedal so I put it back to regular size and now has a piece of heat shrink where it was soldered. $1250 shipped. Will be shipped in actual amp box VERY well. May consider trades.
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