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  1. 37 minutes ago, Phil O'Keefe said:

    My daughter just texted me the link to this article and asked me what I thought. Unfortunately, I can not repeat what I said in reply without breaking the site rules... while their intent (attempting to prevent musicians from getting sued) may be admirable, it also could possibly stop songwriters from exercising their own creativity and writing their own new songs, and remove another one of the major income streams that many musicians rely upon to make a living.


    What's next? Algorithmically writing every possible book and magazine article, artificially creating every possible movie and TV script, algorithmically creating every painting and photo and releasing all of those things to the public domain? Sorry.... I do not like this one bit because I think it could have considerable unexpected negative consequences for the arts. 

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject - pro or con. :snax: 



    Man, their monkey budget is going to be astronomical! :freak:

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Phil O'Keefe said:

    You can check out the full list here:




    So... who would you vote for in this batch of nominees? Five to seven of them will be voted in, so feel free to list your favorite 5-7 nominees from the list of 16.

    I think I'd have to vote for Todd Rundgren (I'm a huge and longtime fan of his music and his production work), The Doobie Brothers, Pat Benatar, Whitney Houston, Thin Lizzy, Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk. It's a close call on several of them, and there's a few I didn't mention that I think are deserving of the honor too... 



    it's about the last thing on my mind, but I'd have to go with Rufus and Chaka Khan based on "You Got the Love" alone. Doobies, Benetar, Priest, maybe Biggie. I have no idea who MC5 is. :D:0

  3. 3 minutes ago, SteinbergerHack said:

    Perhaps, but even so, I find that I use all three amp channels and the two boost functions constantly, on top of the basic choris/reverb/delay/comp programs.  

    My core combinations are probably two dozen or so that are just generic sounds, then a few dozen more that are specific to artists or cover songs.



    Also, my sound crafting is definitely a lagging element of my playing. :0

  4. 1 minute ago, SteinbergerHack said:

    The Kemper is supposedly different, which is what I want to find out.

    It's definitely been a while since I messed with them . I bet they've come a long way!

  5. Just now, Red Ant said:

    I suspect he uses his vtx in conjunction with a pedal board.

    That is correct. Although it's still pretty minimalist. I think these modeling amps, despite claiming to be all things to all people pretty much sound like themselves, no matter what you do to them, at least that was the state of things when I got it. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, SteinbergerHack said:

    This is going to sound really dumb, but:

    For those of you who use digital/modeling/profiling amps, how do you go about auditioning an amp?

    I have never had a problem getting a feel for what a basic tube amp sounds like from simply plugging in and dialing in some gain and tone settings - about 2 minutes in I can have a sense of what the character of the amp is, and what sound it will give. Even a complex one like the XTC or VH4 has a personality that you can sort out pretty quickly. I don't use pedals for any gain or distortion (all amp), and all of my time delay and EQ is rack FX, so I'm only looking at the raw amp emulation.

    I want to go test-drive a Kemper to get a sense of whether it will do what I need/want for live use, but I really don't know where to start, and I don't want to spend hours fumbling around trying to figure out how to get to a basic set of sounds. OTOH, it's enough $$$ that I don't want to just risk-buy based on a bunch of internet reviews and Youtube clips - I really want to get a sense of how the thing operates and how easy it is to set up a basic sound, then navigate around among the rigs/patches.

    Any suggestions on how to start? Help!?!?!?!?!?!

    My main amp has been a Vox ad60vtx for over a decade. I think when I was trying it out I probably tried to get the best overdriven sound I could punched up, and then the best clean one. Funnily enough though I use a single patch I made for 99.999% percent of the stuff I play. :D

  7. 8 hours ago, Danocoustic said:

    Trying to overcome the effects of the strokes that partially paralyzed the left side of my body and get back to what I could do 10 years ago.

    Making some small progress.


    7 hours ago, arcadesonfire said:

    Also just had first choir rehearsal of the fall last night. I hadn't sung for two months. WHEWEEE, I lost all my chops. Gotta do a lot of scales and arps before next rehearsal.


    6 hours ago, Red Ant said:

    I have just become physically able to play guitar after over 2 years away from the instrument. I feel your pain.

    For those working on their chops, I just came across this today. I've done a lot of similar exercises but this looks like like a really effective one!


  8. I've never considered key whatsoever. Maybe it might register subconsciously in some subtle way, but I've never seen any evidence of it.


    We were just putting a set list together the other day actually and trying to pick out all the categories we were going to sort by. Tempos obviously. Genre, because we're kinda all over the road there. I also consider energy to be distinct from tempo although I'd probably have a hard time describing it.

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    And coming back around to the prog thing, “Owner of a Lonely Heart” blew my mind first time I heard it.


    Really? It was ok, but I never thought that record lived up to their '70s stuff, most of it anyway. I was kind of a Steve Howe loyalist though. I do remember the issue of Guitar that was transcribed in.

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  10. Also Trevor Horn was amazing. I don't like everything he's done' date=' but Frankie's "Relax" and Grace Jones' "Slave To The Rhythm" were masterful, production wise - very 80s, but I can still listen to either and appreciate the craftsmanship, and the HUGE sounding mixes. [/quote']


    I did love me some "Relax." And Falco!

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