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  1. I'm not here anymore. From a search it looks like I was here from 2007-2009. Since then I've gone through three jobs, got divorced, remarried (three weeks ago), and sold my parlor guitar. I came initially to learn about the mechanics of the guitar (setup, etc), and found this forum to be friendly and informative. Lots of good advice from Freeman and others. Had fun with the VOM when it started. I've just not had the time in the last several years. Haven't been to an open mic in about two years; used to be a weekly event. I don't dream about new guitars anymore; I'm happy with my crew, and I n
  2. But I love good Tequila, Armagnac, and Rum, especially rum from Martinique, best. Tequila makes me crazy. (I just learned this song) [video=youtube;un8xIoM43oY]
  3. I think the problem is the nonsense idea of "particles". No particles, no need for unexplainable fudging crap like "renormalization". It's a problem of measurement granularity. I like waves, like vibrating strings on an acoustic guitar. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It's so beautiful.
  4. I'm on the southeast tip of Florida; been here since 1986. No low humidity problems here. If I travel north for a trip in the winter, I only take a laminate bang-around so as not to worry.
  5. I've not tried much scotch. That which I've tried, I don't understand. I like American Rye; although admitedly I've only tried a few. I have Jim Beam right now, which is my go-to whiskey, although I don't drink whiskey regularly. But if I do drink liquor, it's usually Rye or Bourbon.
  6. I'll sell you mine if I can ship it cheap and easy. I got one as a gift years ago, and I just don't use it. The idea of just rolling to a different fret seems cool, but when you try to roll up over the nut, it pulls things sharp, so I take it off. A Kyser is so much easier to take on and off. Have you tried one? I'd like to unload mine to someone who wants one - but I don't really recommend this capo. I live in the US, but first class mail to Europe isn't that expensive, at least when I've send light items it was. If interested you can email me at sprucetop@bellsouth.net
  7. My favorite is a hoppy IPA. Mojo is at the top of my list. I'm drinking Snake Dog right now. When I want a malty beer Negra Modelo is my go-to. PBR is the only beer I buy that I drink cold.
  8. A less expensive and much better solution than the Tonerite is a dwarf hamster. They're about five bucks, and they will scamper around nicely in your guitar and produce all kinds of random vibrations (as opposed to the Tonerite which only produces a fixed vibration). You just have to plug the sound hold so they won't get out. If you decide you don't want to keep it anymore, then you can feed it to your snake and save the two bucks you normally spend on a mouse for snake food. Don't put a mouse in your guitar, because they are poop machines (yuck). Hamsters aren't nearly as dirty, unless they g
  9. My only experience with a parlor is mine. I'm a dreadnought guy. I went into a guitar store one day and saw a Simon & Patrick guitar on the wall. I picked it up, not so much for the size (parlor), but because you don't see much of S&P in south Florida. I started playing it, and I couldn't believe the sound coming out of this little guitar. I was really enamoured by it. I was not in the market for a guitar, and I've never bought one on impulse. I played it quite a while, and the sales guy noticed. I had no intention of buying a guitar. I told him how much I liked it. It had a $400 price
  10. IMO there is no "should"; it's what you want. Sound and playabiliy are the 2 most important things to me. If a guitar is hard to play, I won't pick it up as much. If changing to lighter strings makes you smile more when you play it, then do. That said, my Taylor came with mediums (13) and I've never wanted to change the sound. So if it gets harder to play, I know that a setup can bring it back to the easy playing guitar that it was when I got it. Also, if a guitar doesn't sound good to you, you also will not want to pick it up. If changing to mediums on a certain guitar brings a smile, them by
  11. Starrshine, I enjoyed this song. It's great to be introduced to a new singer. I just checked him out a little on youtube - heard Birches. I've just ordered a copy of Night Train.
  12. Kudos to everyone so far. BLUtunes and Jkater, I especially liked your two entries. I haven't logged onto HCAG in a long time. I'm sitting home sick. Two different people at work told me I sounded like Barry White. That was Wednesday, and I'm not any better. I'm going to miss a Folk Club song swap tonight - bummer. Anyway, I figured I could get through one song if I sang an octave lower. I don't know why I thought of this song, but here it is. http://www.box.net/shared/kcp8lexugribcvutm7uk Played with "Development Sample" Phosphor Bronze Beta Elixir strings that I was given in M
  13. I'm on the east coast (Fort Lauderdale) and am an EE who does analog circuit stuff. If you can get the schematic it would greatly speed up debuging the problem.
  14. I used to frequent this forum quite a bit, but have been away for a while. I've been though a bit of stuff: divorce, job loss, grandchild. It's nice that through it all I'm more content, and guitar wise I'm very happy with my lot. In fact I'm thinking that I should maybe shed a couple that I seldom play. I don't really need two bang-arounds, and my parlor and nylon string get very little play. Hardly ever go out to open mics like I used to, but have been attending folk club song circles. I'm not really a folk kind of guy, but I really enjoy all the acoustic music (banjos, mandolins, fiddles, f
  15. It's easier for me sitting, so I sit unless it's going to be a hassle to set up that way (I mic my guitar).
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