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  1. Several days ago I noticed the action was slightly higher than usual on my 12 string, and I started remembering all the comments I've read lately on people tuning their 12 strings down. It's just a mental thing at this point, but every day I've had this thought while I'm at work of my 12 string at home in it's case and all that tension... and the top just starting to bulge. Last night, I couldn't take the mental anguish any longer, and tuned it down a whole step. It still sounds great, but it does sound different. I wonder what percentage of 12 string owners tune their guitar down, and why? Is it because of a problem, or just to prevent a problem? If you keep it tuned in something like an open D, where selected strings are only tuned down, I'd like you to vote "Tuned Down". I'm trying to get a feel for how may purposely keep their 12 strings tuned down. Scott O
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