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  1. Looking to buy a Mesa Strategy 400 Power Amp. If you have one for sale, please let me know. Thanks!
  2. BUMP - Will now also trade for a combo amp to cart around to avoid hauling my primary rig. I'm open to anything as long as it's loud enough for a band, works, and is in good shape. Thanks!
  3. Excellent condition Presonus Firebox with box and paperwork. $125 Shipped/PP Gift $130 Shipped/PP Standard
  4. I have a great condition Grendel Dead Room ISO (Isolation) Cab with an 8 ohm Celestion Vintage 30 (V30) installed. Works great, used it to record some guitar tracks for a demo at home without making the neighbors angry! Modestly priced considering the V30 is included, prefer a local sale in the DC/MD/VA area. $275 Local Cash Sale $310 Shipped/PP Gift $325 Shipped/PP Standard Will also trade for a combo amp!
  5. Package deal on a great rack setup for your head unit. Here's what you get... TC Electronics G-Major 2 - With box and manual. Still has plastic on the screen - $325 Shipped Furman PL-PLUS - Works perfect - $75 Shipped DJK (Shallow) 4 Space Shock Rack - Fits perfect on top a 4X12 like a head unit - $150 Extra with purchase of another item Ground Control Pro - In good shape, 2nd owner, never been gigged by me - SOLD! G-Labs Midi 2X Loop - Switch 2 pedals in via midi (http://www.glab.com.pl/midi_2xloop_en) - $90 shipped Get all of the above with new in box 25' Monster Midi Cable and 6' Monster Midi Cable for connecting everything - $900 SHIPPED This is a great deal for someone wanting to add a rack setup to their rig. The relays on the G-Major 2 will change your amp channels and provide all of your effects, plus you have room for a rack shelf to put a few pedals and switch a few OD's in and out of your signal with the G-Lab. New Monster cables for connection and a Ground Control Pro to control everything, neatly tucked away in a perfect sized shock rack...all for not much more than you'd pay for just a higher end FX unit to start with.
  6. No prob...whatever other one is for sale, mine is better...
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